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STIHL Is A Life For Gardening: Parind Prabhudesai

The Number One Global Selling Brand of Chainsaws, STIHL India's Managing Director, Parind Prabhudesai, gave an Exclusive Interview to Krishi Jagran. Talking about a Global Leader in Chainsaws, STIHL, which is more than a 90 year old brand, Mr. Parind Prabhudesai spoke about the new product categories offered by STIHL including ‘Farmer Range of products’, which will offer first level of mechanization and will target Indian farmers. 

By the launch of “4151 series” for Indian Farmers, STIHL India will help the Farming sector by providing German quality and innovation into an affordable range that will transform the life of an average Indian farmer.  

Interestingly, STIHL India is known in the world today for quality and service with its products available in over more than 160 countries. 

 Q1. STIHL is a global leader in chainsaws. What are the product categories you are offering in India? 
Ans. Chainsaws, no doubt, is our strongest product category, however we have significant presence in market with our wide range of offerings of brush cutters, mist blowers, cleaners, hedge trimmers and other handheld power tools. These allow us to serve the following verticals (1) Forestry (2) horticulture (3) land scaping and (4) Urban maintenance

Q2. STIHL offers a big product portfolio. What is the focus of your product category in 2019?
Chainsaws are our strength. Thus, forestry continues to play big part in product mix. We also have our patrons in landscaping & gardening verticals across the nation.In mid of 2018, in a grand ceremony in Hyderabad, we launched our ‘Farmer Range of products’, offering first level of mechanization, targeted on Indian farmers. Now with the launch of new farmer range of products, known as the 4151 series, STIHL India looks to help the Farming sector by bringing in German quality and innovation into an affordable range to transform the life of an average Indian farmer. The Farmer range is specifically focused on farmers with small land holdings, who look for handheld implements for their regular farming needs and which can enable them to incorporate at least some level of mechanization into their daily activities. Our focus product categories for India are a new product mix which we have created and called it the ‘Farmer Range of Product’. The newly launched farmer range consists of (1) Brush cutter (2) Power Weeder (3) Water Pump (4) Earth Auger and follows the tagline of “KRISHI UPKARAN, LAYE PARIVARTAN”, translated as “Farm Equipments bring transformation”.

Q3. Power tillers are well entrenched in INDIA markets (rural), do you still think there is a scope for a product like Power Weeder BC 230? 
Power tiller has higher Horse power & hence it is used for primary tillage. There is a gap in the markets where the users don’t have an equipment for secondary tillage which combines the need for weeding. This market gap is being plugged in by the BC 230, which is turning very fast into a customers’ favorite. We have had very good response & expect it to keep climbing the popularity & satisfaction charts. Special focus goes to Power Weeder BC 230 which is in high demand, being used in soil turning, aerating, tilling, inter-cultivating & mulching. It is basically a secondary-tillage device which converts leftover clumps into soft soil. The STIHL Power Weeder BC 230, is a 2.1 HP solution for field preparation by chopping, slicing compacted plant matter, roots, weeds, substrate into soft planting soil. After planting it is useful to take out unwanted weeds and cultivate soil.

Q4. STIHL’s pioneering spirit, innovation & premium quality is admired across the world. Why is that so? 
STIHL always sells with the help of its servicing dealers, we have a pan-India presence of servicing dealers which help us reach out to our customers and provide sales and service support on our behalf. Stihl philosophy is that of Advice-Instruct-Service. We strive to give our customer the best advice which will help in the requirement getting duly closed with proper instruction on how to use the equipment. Lastly, we offer 1-year warranty on all gasoline equipment and this builds a big goodwill bridge between STIHL and its patrons.STIHL has recently opened its 4th regional technical center, warehouse and office, which helps us decentralize the servicing setup and helps us provide faster and higher quality after sales support.

Q5. STIHL group has been heavily invested in India. Any comments? 
Yes, India is a rich, vibrant and diverse economy in terms of culture, markets, people and challenges. STIHL has been always interested in India. Ever since its inception in 2006 in India, STIHL has always strived to offer the best to its patrons and customers and thus in the coming year, STIHL plans to open a new national head office in Chakan, Pune. It will be the Indian representation of STIHL’s German persona & will exhibit a ‘state of the art’, technical center along with many other first in STIHL’s long list of achievements.

Tooba Maher
Content Writer, Krishi Jagran
M: 99998 43592

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