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Neem has been playing an important role in Indian culture since time immemorial. Not just the environment it is equally beneficial for our health. The demand of neem based products is increasing in the society. Researchers have shown that it mends the environment, is useful in agricultural practices, animal husbandry etc. Neem India Pvt. Ltd. which is a company of RJ group is working on neem based products. The corporate office of the firm is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Vijay Arenad, the Vice President - Business Development of Neem India Products Private limited company told Krishi Jagran that the firm conducts many researches on neem from time to time to ensure best quality products. All the products of the company are certified by IMO Control Switzerland for use in organic farming. He mentioned about the organic products, the use of neem in agriculture , company’s turnover and about the CSR activities of the firm.

1. What types of products does the company manufacture?

Our company Neem India is based at Aurangabad is headed by Mr Raghavendra Joshi Chairman and Managing Director of the company. Neem India is part of RJ Group with a group turnover of 750 crores having different verticals in Seeds, Fertilisers, Poultry, Infrastructure and Education.

We at Neem India manufacture the following products

Neemraj formulations ( 300 ppm to 50000 ppm Azadirachtin based EC)

Neem Gold – Organic manure rich with natural NPK combination

Neem Oil – Pure neem oil produced with cold process and expeller process

Super H ( Bio-stumulants) – Humic substances both in liquid and granular forms

Super Spread – a non-ionic silicon based spreading agent with activator

Multiact – Consortia of effective and beneficial microbes

RJ Wonder – A water soluble organic plant hormone

Pheromones – Pheromone lures and traps for all crops

All our neem formulations have been registered with Central Insecticide Board, Faridabad and also have been organically certified by IMO Control Switzerland for use in Organic farming .We market all our products on PAN India basis and also export to 21 countries since last 10 years.

2. How Neem India completes the supply chain of products as the demand of neem based products is increasing among the farmers?

As you are aware, the growth rate of bio-pesticides is increasing every year with a CAGR(compounded annual growth rate ) of 18% per annum and which is slowly replacing the use of chemical pesticide share the global market. The awareness among the farming community and consumers on the safe use of products is increasing at a faster rate in India which has led to great demand for neem based pesticides. We know the demand for the year and based on that, we ensure that, all the required raw materials are procured in time and orders are supplied within a short notice of the order from the market. We have established our own branches across the country to ensure quicker supplies of the products. Once the products are made available at the counters during the season- farmers will have quick access to our products for use in their fields.

3. Since there due not enough neem trees in India so how are you procuring neem extract?

In the recent past, the demand for neem formulations is growing in faster rates. Neem extracts is nothing but the extracts of need seed kernel which is extracted with different process- which is called Azadirachtin. Azadirachtin is the active compound in neem – which makes a stable neem formulation. These days, neem seeds are available in the regulated markets which are controlled with pricing and quality. We make it a point to source enough of the neemraw materials, so that, we make the required product for the market and supply in time.

4. What are the uses of Neem products in Agriculture?

Today with advanced technologies, neem extracts are further processed to produce a wide range of products suitable to be used in agriculture. Incorporating latest scientific and technical developments, neem products are suited to agricultural growth. Extensive toxicological studies have been carried out on Neem products in the US and have been finally cleared for use in horticulture by the EPA.

Neem products are proven effective against thrips, white flies, aphids, leaf miners, bugs and a large number of other key insect pests. They act as natural insect repellants. Azadirachtin and other bitter compounds found in Neem make insects stay away from treated plants. They are like synthetic pesticides. Neem can reduce overall insecticide usage, Another important advantage of neem.products in agriculture is that they are safe for the workers. There are no handling risks and can be used throughout the entire crop production cycle.

5. How do you maintain product quality of Neem India?

The maintenance of quality starts from sourcing of best quality of neem fruits or seeds which plays major role in manufacturing quality products. We at the beginning of the neem season ensure that, we pick up the best quality and graded fruits and seeds and we again clean in our own drying yards to ensure the other foreign materials are taken out. Once the cleaned and healthy fruits and seeds are processed will give us the best quality for the raw material input for further processing.

6. Which Product Brand of Neem India are most in demand among the farmers?

Following products are our leading brands

Neemraj – Azadirachtin based neem EC ( 1500 ppn, 3000 ppm and 10000 ppm )

Neem Gold – Organic neem manure

Super H ( with humic substance ) – both liquid and granule

Super Spread – silicon based non-ionic spreading agent.

7. Share your contributions in CSR Activities?

We conduct every year Blood Donation Camp from all our Group employees and supply the blood to the BLOOD BANK which will be used by the needy people. We also conduct farmer level education camps for understanding on the safe use of the pesticides and ensure healthy of the family.

8. What is the Current turnover of your company?

Our total turnover is 12 crores and group turnover is 750 crores.

9. Is there any competitor of your company?

We are more concerned about our CUSTOMERS than the COMPETITORS and we follow the principle of “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER THAN COMPETITOR”. Our concern is to supply quality products to our customers, than the competition. Competition should be there which acts as a checks and balances to maintain the company credibility in the market.

10. What are your future plans?

We have opened a new company in United States called NEEMTREE Organics and it is a subsidiary of Neem India. We have future plans to introduce new products to the markets which are unique and offer value for money to the consumers. The products are tested and proven with regard to productivity and stability.

11. How do you disseminate your products information among the farmers?

We believe in educating the farmers on the importance of using neem based pesticides instead of chemicals. We educate on how safe and effective it is to use neem products – as the results are good and there is no chemical residues in the end produce and are environmentally safe for the human beings who are in the fields. We also suggest them to use hand gloves and masks at the time of spraying. We also use the established Agriculture magazines like KRISHI JAGRAN and publish product and crop related articles which will help in understanding and adopting the best agriculture practices. Krishi Jagran is published in all most languages of India and it is GREAT work done by and the credit goes to the team in reaching the nook and corner of the country

12. Do you want to convey any message to farmers through Krishi Jagran?

Our message to the farming fraternity is “ Please make judicious use of the chemicals and useneem based pesticides for safe and effective pest management. Please use organic manure to maintain soil health and also increase the productivity under IPM and IRM programmes”. We also advice them to read Krishi Jagaran magazines for better knowledge.

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