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Bear no cost of Electricity with this “JUGAADU” BULB

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Bulb, the discovery of one of the greatest scientists of all times Thomas Alva Edison is surely is an invention which changed the world scenario and took us ahead by multiple steps.  Another scientist who made this wonder of “Bulb” accessible to everyone, was Nicolas Tesla, who made the electricity reach every household which indeed made the combination, rock our life by brighten-ing our days and nights. Indians are well known for their notorious Jugaadu attitude of every other problem. Us Indians, do complain and we do cry for our loses but we don’t settle there, we find  a cheap alternative and fix our smiles. Don’t we?

And now If we dare to tell you that the bulb can be lightened even without electricity and battery, then how surprised would you be? More than that you will be glad because yes, that would save on our pockets. It has happened with one such “jugaad” where, bulb has been prepared in the country which does not need electricity supply to brighten your days.

You will be amazed to know about its specialty as it does not need electricity to power itself. Its better known  as Jugaadu Bulb. India still has a majority segment of rural background, where electricity supply is unavailable.  For places like these and otherwise also, its great to utilize a product which uses no energy and runs efficiently.

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Know how to make Jugaad Bulb

To make a Jugaad Bulb, water and bleaching powder are mixed in an empty bottle. The bottle is then filled with water which reflects the sunlight completely by lightening the room. This idea also facilitates environmental protection since we are saving on electricity and using the renewable energy of our dear Sun.


Who and how did this invention

According to media reports, Tejit Pabari, a 12th class student from Dehradun, discovered this wonderful alternative of light bulbs and he has succeeded in it. A report titled 'A Study on the Solar Illumination Provided by a Water Bottles” has been published in the International Journal about his research. This invention has fetched him name of finalist in Google Science Fair 2016 and he has also joined the list of top 100 in the world.

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