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Become a CROREPATI by Selling Old, Unique Notes & Coins

Recently, a one rupee coin was sold at an auction & it brought Rs 10 Crore in return.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Unique Rs 2 Coins
Unique Rs 2 Coins

People have quirky habits of collecting unique stamps, various currency notes & coins.  But did you know that this quirky habit can help you become a Crorepati!  Recently, a one rupee coin was sold at an auction & it brought Rs 10 Crore in return. Yes, you read it right! This must be surprising but it is true. This rare coin fetched a whopping amount as it was issued in 1885 during the British Raj in India.  

So, If you are fond of keeping old notes in the piggy bank, then this is a golden opportunity where you get a chance of earning millions & crores of rupees by just sitting at home. The demand for old and unique notes can really turn you into a millionaire. 

How & Where to Sell Old, Unique Currency Notes? 

For this, you must know how to sell old notes in the market. People can create profiles on several websites where they will be able to sell their coins as well. Such websites include CoinBazar, eBay, Quiker where users can register and give basic details such as name, address, email, phone number & more. After the listing is entered, buyers will contact and then they can bargain on the asked amount. 

What kind of Notes fetches the highest Amount? 

The notes those are distinctive in terms of the number or symbols can fetch you a huge amount of money. Some of such examples are mentioned below: 

The Rs 5 Notes that have a tractor structure on them or notes issued by Reserve Bank of India by special numbers like 786 attract many people and can help earn anywhere between 30k to 1 lakh to 1 crore.  

If you have such a 10 rupee note on which Ashoka Pillar is made, then you can earn a lot from it.  

In 1943, during the time of the British Raj, such ten-rupee notes came and these notes have the sign of CD Deshmukh 

Note: Such purchases are mostly based on the bargaining power of both buyer & seller. Therefore there is no fixed amount that you will definitely earn from such notes.  

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