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Earthquake of Magnitude 4.6 Jolts Delhi-NCR

Earthquake of Magnitude 4.6 occurred at a Latitude: 29.37 & Long: 81.22, Depth: 10 Km. It strikes in Nepal at 2:51 PM

Parvathy Pillai
(Image Courtesy: Pexels)
(Image Courtesy: Pexels)

Strong earthquake tremors jolted parts of the Delhi-NCR region on Tuesday, October 3, 2023. An earthquake of magnitude 4.6 occurred at a latitude of 29.37 and longitude of 81.22. It struck at a depth of 10 Km in Nepal at 2:51p.m.

The earthquake was felt in parts of India including its capital New Delhi and its surrounding regions. People were seen rushing out of their houses and office blocks in parts of New Delhi. However, there have been no immediate reports of damage either in Nepal or India.

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