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Ministry of Jal Shakti Launches 5th National Water Awards 2023

The 5th National Water Awards, 2023, continues this tradition of acknowledging and celebrating the heroes of water conservation, whose dedication helps secure a more sustainable and water-rich future for India.

Shivam Dwivedi
Ministry of Jal Shakti Launches the 5th National Water Awards, 2023 (Photo Source: PIB)
Ministry of Jal Shakti Launches the 5th National Water Awards, 2023 (Photo Source: PIB)

The Ministry of Jal Shakti, through its Department of Water Resources, River Development, and Ganga Rejuvenation (DoWR, RD & GR), has proudly announced the launch of the 5th National Water Awards (NWA) for the year 2023. This significant initiative aimed at recognizing and encouraging exemplary efforts in water conservation and management is now open for applications.

Eligibility for the Awards

The National Water Awards, 2023, are open to a diverse range of stakeholders who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to water conservation and management. Eligible applicants include:

  1. States

  2. Districts

  3. Village Panchayats

  4. Urban Local Bodies

  5. Schools/Colleges

  6. Institutions (other than schools/colleges)

  7. Industries

  8. Civil Society Organizations

  9. Water User Associations

  10. Individuals

Trophy and Citation

The National Water Awards feature various categories for recognition. Winners in the 'Best State' and 'Best District' categories will receive a prestigious trophy and citation in recognition of their outstanding contributions. In the remaining categories, such as 'Best Village Panchayat,' 'Best Urban Local Body,' 'Best School/College,' 'Best Institution (other than school/college),' 'Best Industry,' 'Best Civil Society,' 'Best Water User Association,' 'Best Industry,' and 'Best Individual for Excellence,' recipients will be honored with a cash prize, in addition to a trophy and citation. The cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are Rs. 2 lakhs, Rs. 1.5 lakhs, and Rs. 1 lakh, respectively.

Selection Process

The selection process for the National Water Awards is meticulously carried out to ensure that deserving candidates are acknowledged. Here is an overview of the selection process:

  1. Initial Scrutiny: All applications received are subjected to careful examination by a Screening Committee within the DoWR, RD & GR.

  2. Jury Committee: Shortlisted applications are then presented to a Jury Committee, led by a retired Secretary-level officer, which evaluates the submissions.

  3. Ground Truthing: To verify the authenticity of the shortlisted applications, organizations under DoWR, RD & GR, such as the Central Water Commission (CWC) and Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), conduct ground truthing.

  4. Recommendations: The Jury Committee evaluates the applications based on the reports of ground truthing and makes recommendations for the winners.

  5. Approval: The recommendations of the Committee are then submitted to the Union Minister of Jal Shakti for final approval.

The names of the award winners will be announced on a suitable date, and an award distribution ceremony will be organized to honor their outstanding contributions to water conservation and management.

Objective of the National Water Awards

The National Water Awards were introduced with a profound objective in mind – to recognize and encourage exceptional work and efforts by various stakeholders across India in achieving the government's vision of a 'Jal Samridh Bharat' or 'Water-Prosperous India.' These awards also play a crucial role in creating awareness among the public about the significance of responsible water usage, motivating individuals and organizations to adopt best practices. Water, whether in surface or groundwater form, plays a vital role in the nation's water cycle, and these awards aim to inspire a holistic approach to water resource management.

The inaugural National Water Awards took place in 2018, and the distribution ceremony was held on the 25th of February, 2019, in New Delhi. In that edition, a total of 82 winners from diverse categories were recognized and awarded for their remarkable contributions to water conservation and management.

Applications for the National Water Awards will be accepted exclusively through the online Rashtriya Puraskar portal, which can be accessed at the following link: https://awards.gov.in/Home/Awardpedia. Interested individuals, organizations, and entities can find further details regarding the awards on the Rashtriya Puraskar portal or the official website of the Department, www.jalshakti-dowr.gov.in. The deadline for submitting applications is set for the 15th of December, 2023.

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