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Tiger Strolls in Pilibhit's Paddy Field as Farmer Ploughs Behind, Viral Video

While a farmer was ploughing in his field in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, a tiger was captured strolling in a video that is now viral.

Shivangi Rai
Representational Image.
Representational Image.

A tiger was recorded strolling in the field of Pilibhit as the farmer was ploughing in his paddy field. Despite the abundance of internet videos showing big cats strolling near tourist vehicles, this specific video showcasing a tiger and a human in such close proximity will undoubtedly astound you. No matter how many similar videos you may have watched before, this one is genuinely exceptional and sure to leave a lasting impression.

Posted on Twitter by Raj Lakhani, this video captures a remarkable scene of a tiger leisurely strolling through a paddy field. In the backdrop, a man can be observed tending to the field from the comfort of a tractor.
Take a Look:

Surprisingly, there seems to be no sense of threat or fear between the farmer and the tiger. The caption indicates that the video was filmed in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh.

The video has gone viral, amassing more than 120k views and eliciting a multitude of reactions from viewers. People were left in awe by the incredible footage. Some commented on how it showcased the notion that tigers typically refrain from attacking unless provoked.

Others highlighted how the video beautifully exemplified the harmonious relationship that can exist between animals and humans.

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