Wayanad to host Kerala's First Pig Fest

The Kerala State Animal Husbandry department has organized a unique fest at Wayanadu. The fest named Green pigs and eggs will be held from September 3 at Mananthavady. The Egg fest which was held at Sulthanbatheri in 2017 has attracted farmers due to its unique concept and its practicality. The fest contributed in the increase in production of eggs. Following the lines,' Green Pigs and Eggs' is being organized aiming at the increase in meat production and organic waste disposal.

The fest showcases the life cycle of pigs raised for commercial purpose and also inventions and innovations in egg production. Moreover, new techniques in waste treatment and disposal will be introduced.

Pig farmers in Wayanadu play an important role in disposing of solid waste by turning it into the consumable meat. 

The fest envisions a broad idea of living in harmony with nature by playing a proactive role in the food production and sustainable living.

The fest is coordinated by Kerala Animal welfare board along with Kerala Cattle Development Board and Meat Desk of India. Kerala Veterinary University, Brahmagiri Development Society, Wayanadu Pig Farmers Association and entrepreneurs are key players in the fest. 

The fest will exhibit different breeds of pig, hens, and birds and will also exhibit modern tools and implements necessary for animal husbandry.
The fest will be inaugurated by Kerala State Animal Welfare Minister Adv. K. Raju on September 3 at 2' o Clock. The fest 's Logo will be published at W.S.S.S auditorium by P.T Baiju Manadhavady Corporation Welfare standing committee chairman.     

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