Wheat variety that develops in 110 days

November is approaching and Rabi season crops have stated to be sown. There are several states which produce wheat, and have a large share of wheat production from these states. Uttar Pradesh is a major wheat producing state. Farmer, Prakash Raghuvanshi of this state has achieved a great achievement. He has developed two native varieties of wheat. This discovery is done by Prakash Raghuvanshi of Kudrat Agricultural Research Institute, Varanasi district. The name of this type of wheat is named Kudrat 8 and Kudrat Vishwanath. These are both dwarf species.

The length of these species is approximately 90 centimeters and its earring length is about 20 centimeters. This species of wheat gets ready in 110 days. It’s yield is 25-30 quintals per acre. The grain of this species is thick and shiny. Given its yield and quality, its demand has increased in many states. This species of wheat can easily bear problems like hailstorm. So far, Prakash Singh has developed over 300 species of agricultural crops.

Agriculture sector seeks more of such vibrant farmers who can contribute to the development of better productive and better quality food.

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