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World Water Day 2020: Surprisingly Easy & Smart Steps to Save Water amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The world has been hit by a deadly contagious called Coronavirus (Covid-19), and to combat it, washing hands is looked up to be an ultimate cautionary measure. But, are we ready for the combat yet?

Nikita Arya
Save Water
Save Water

The world has been hit by a deadly contagious called Coronavirus (Covid-19), and to combat it, washing hands is looked up to be an ultimate cautionary measure. But, are we ready for the combat yet?   

What the most bothering fact is that many regions across the world are facing a scarcity of water. The Coronavirus outbreak has yet again made us realize that water is an essential element of a healthy life. Today, on 22nd March 2020, World Water Day is celebrated, to raise awareness about the importance of water and how we can fight the issues related to water. Amid all the chaos and havoc created by the pandemic, let’s take a moment to give our share in the conservation of water and let’s pledge to save the world from another pandemic before it’s too late!


Use Water Efficient Appliances

We need water for almost everything that we do. Be it washing laundry, bathing, drinking, cooking food or even growing food, water is required for everything. With the advancement of technology, the market is equipped with energy-efficient appliances so that we can reduce our hardships. But these appliances not only can make our hardships easier but can also help in the reduction of water consumption. As per studies, energy star-certified machines consume up to 40% less water than ordinary machines. So, using energy-efficient appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, etc. can help you saving water

Reuse Water
Reuse Water

Reutilize Water to the best you can

While brushing, shaving or washing utensils, many of you might keep the tap flowing. How about reutilizing the same water for different purposes? The water that runs waste while doing all the household choruses can be used to water plants and gardens, where the quality of water is not an issue. You can use the leftover from washing vegetables, and the water that comes out of the RO purifier. 

Fix Leakages timely

Leakages in water tanks and taps are common. It happens now and then in any household. The difference made is when you plan to take action on it. In most of the households, people don’t take leakages so seriously, and not realizing the value of tiny little drops, and they keep on avoiding those leakages for days. It is essential to prevent and fix all the leakages in the tanks, taps, faucets and other water appliances on time. If you are not able to fix it timely, make sure that you place a bucket or anything beneath the leaking tap that can contain the water for the time being.

Add flow regulators 

Aerators and flow regulators are usually fixed at the tip of water taps so that there is a constant flow rate of water. Adding aerators and other flow regulators into the faucet stream are advisable to reduce the pressure and save excessive water from flowing. 

As we are all passing through a difficult time, it is essential to take preventive measures to ensure sustainable growth. Water is the necessity of life and should be given extra attention whatsoever. With climate change becoming more and more serious every year, it becomes a duty of every individual to use the resources responsibly. As the World Water Day 2020 campaign suggests – ‘Everyone has a role to play’ - everyone must feel responsible for saving water and incorporate the above mentioned surprisingly easy step to combat climate deterioration. 

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