MFOI 2024 Road Show


Note : Please Send check/D.D/Moneyorder in favour of Mac Krishi Jagran Payble at New Delhi.
Subscription / Advertisement charges can also be deposited in our bank account directly.

Paytm Number - 9654193353

The details are as under:
E 48, HauzKhas Main Market
NEW DELHI-110016
Branch Code : 001980
IFS : FDRL0001980
MICR: 110049032
Current Account Number : 19800200000331

State Bank of India
151-Seth Square Building
Sector 7, Dwarka,
NEW DELHI-110075
Branch Code : 11565
IFS : SBIN0011565
MICR: 110 002 475
Current Account Number : 31263953066

FactCheck in Agriculture Project

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