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Instant Authentication of Edible Oil using Raman Spectroscopy

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

To counter the food fraud problem by instant method of product authentication, the Oak Analytics was released by the Hon`ble Union Science & Technology Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on the occasion of the World Food Safety Day on 7th June 2019. 

Oak's proprietary technologies give high quality  test results in real  time at a price point that was previously not available.  Traditional technologies require very expensive equipment that needs to be used by trained lab technicians.  Oak bridges that gap and makes product  testing easy, accurate, and reliable.   

Product fraud is a global problem that is growing.  Food fraud alone has  cost consumers, brands, and governments upwards of $40 billion USD.  Until now product authentication has been done using expensive lab   equipment and results can take several days to weeks to arrive in key   decision makers hands.  Oak's technologies provide a quick and cost   effective way to combat product fraud around the globe.  

Waiting for lab results can take days to weeks.  Leveraging cloud   computing and machine learning  the Oak authentication results are   provided in real time, right on your mobile device. Oak has made bridging the gap between the lab and field a major focus.   The solution is inexpensive and instant food testing methods. Oak Analytics 'Raman-1' is a disruptive innovation in food testing. Instant results encourage higher number of samples to be tested. By testing 'in-package' the cost of each test is reduced to near zero.  

The company oak analytics claimed that the technology combines Raman Spectroscopy and Artificial Intelligence. The process is similar to matching fingerprints or signatures! Regulators in various states have already been provided Oak`s devices for surveillance. We help the FSOs to pick the right samples - the ones that deviate significantly from reference spectra. 

Manufacturers can keep a record of the spectrum of all batches of their product. The authenticity of the product can then be tracked along the supply chain, adding an extra layer of brand security.  Retailers can instantly check their incoming goods for authenticity, and keep sub-standard products out of their customer's hands.   The price is approximately around Rs.4000/- per device.  

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