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Mahindra Summit Agriscience Launches New Soil Care Product under ‘PRAKRTI by Mahindra’ Brand

Mahindra Summit Agriscience Ltd, a joint venture between Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd. (MASL) and Sumitomo Corporation Group, Japan, launched a new product range for sustainable & organic agriculture under the “PRAKRTI by Mahindra” brand name.

Chander Mohan

Mahindra Summit Agriscience Ltd, a joint venture between Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd. (MASL) and Sumitomo Corporation Group, Japan, launched a new product range for sustainable & organic agriculture under the “PRAKRTI by Mahindra” brand name. 

The company will offer commercially viable, biological and organic products that promote sustainable agriculture. To begin with, Prakrti will offer high quality microbial products in the plant nutrient, insect & disease management categories. These products ensure residue free fruits and food grains, which in turn will boost Agri exports from India. 

Speaking about the new product range, Ashok Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Mahindra Agri Solutions Limited said, “We are delighted to launch Prakrti by Mahindra, our new range of sustainable agriculture products. These products will be highly effective in improving the depleting health of our soil and enhancing yield, thereby meeting the increasing demands of a growing population in our country.” 

Mr. Sharma further added, “At Mahindra Summit Agriscience we want to stay true to our promise of providing world class crop and soil care solutions, which will significantly reduce crop damage. This will be a step toward our vision of Farming 3.0, a new age in farming, one that elevates the entire Agri ecosystem. Going forward we will keep enabling Indian farmers and accelerate their access to innovative solutions in terms of technology and products which would increase their income.” 

‘Prakrti by Mahindra’ is a result of the expertise of both companies - Mahindra’s strong understanding of the Indian farming community and Sumitomo’s unique know-how and Japanese technology. Through this new initiative, the company will enable access to the latest global technology for minimising crop and soil damage and increasing yields. 

Today, India loses nearly 40% of its total crop production in terms of value to pest attacks and diseases. Since per capita land availability in India will only decline over time, farmers will have to raise their agricultural production by improving productivity. Hence crop and soil protection products are an important input for facilitating pre & post-harvest land management. 

The current estimated consumption of crop protection products in terms of value is around US$ 2.5 billion and this is expected to grow at 7% annually over the next few years. With such huge market potential and few organized players in this space, Mahindra Summit Agriscience Limited has significant potential to revolutionise the crop protection business in India. 

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