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New cockroach control launched by Bayer: TEMPRID SC

Bayer India’s Environmental Science business unit has launched a new insecticide called Temprid SC, which can control cockroaches in residential and commercial premises. TempridTM SC is India’s first dual active household insecticide, which combines the fast-acting, broad-spectrum control of Beta-Cyfluthrin with the systemic residual control of imidacloprid to provide premium performance and efficacy in cockroach control. It is recommended as a residual spray for the control of cockroaches commonly found in food handling/processing areas of household and commercial premises.

Temprid was launched in the presence of Bayer’s distributors, dealers, key customers and Pest Control Operators. It is available in two pack sizes: 50ml and 500ml.

Head of Bayer CropScience, Indian Subcontinent, Mr. Joerg Rehbein said, “Pest Control Operators across the globe vouch for the efficacy of TempridTM, as it has a faster knockdown rate and is cost-effective. At the same time, the low dose rate and odourless formulation make it a safer alternative for effective pest management.”

Imidacloprid over stimulates the nerves, opening the voltage-sensitive Na+ channels whereas Beta-Cyfluthrin causes nerve depolarization by binding to open (activated) Na+ channels. The benefits of the product include synergistic action and unsurpassed performance. It is an odourless formulation with broad-spectrum activity and is useful for indoor and outdoor application. It is known to restore efficacy even in resistant insects and is cost-effective as it works on a low dose rate i.e 4 ml of TempridTM to be diluted in 1 litre of water to cover an area of 20 square meters.

Temprid can be defined as a Professional Pest Management solution for effective control of cockroaches. It is water-based and odourless and has the lowest dosage at only 4 ml per litre of water and is the first household insecticide with a combination of two active ingredients, namely Imidacloprid & Beta-Cyfluthrin

The product portfolio of Bayer’s Environmental Science business unit is divided into Professional Pest Management and Vector Management. Bayer offers a wide range of effective and safe pest management solutions to customers and the pest control service industry which are first choice solutions for a better life. Other top brands from Environmental Science in India include Premise®, Solfac® and K-Othrine®.

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