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Swaraj’s New BEAST : 963FE, Rising upto 75 HP

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal

Existing in the tractor division for almost 4 decades now, Country’s  second largest and fastest growing tractor brand “SWARAJ” has taken off curtains from its new beast  “ Swaraj 963 FE”. Swaraj has been ruling the tractor division with its low HP model ranging from 15 to 50 HP. Forecasting the probable larger land holding of the farmers in India, after government’s stress on contract farming and taking farming as a business has shown the company’s vision to be prudent enough.

The Swaraj 963 FE, has been designed indigenously by Swaraj in-house R&D team and is its flagship product in the category. The Swaraj 963FE is best suited for a wide range of applications starting from land preparation to post harvest operations. It is highly compatible with Rotary Tillers, MB plough, TMCH, Potato Planters, Dozers, Balers, Banana Mulchers, etc. The Swaraj 963 FE will be available in both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive options, catering to the diverse requirements of its wide farmer base.

Squeezing distances to minimal through technology, Dr. Pawan Goeka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. joined the gathering from Delhi via Video Conferencing and differentiated Swaraj from all the competitor brands.  Dr. Goeka mentions, “ Swaraj is highly trusted and reliable bran in the market toiday and lives up to the “Make in India” promise. At the same time it also stands for world-class quality and product excellence. “

Rajesh Jejurikar, President Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. addressed the assembly giving the assembly a family touch having said, “ Most engineers working at Swaraj come from a farming background. Hence, When a tractor is made at Swaraj, It is not only made with engineering expertise but also has a personal touch to it. The Swaraj 963 FE is a testimony to t he belief that Swaraj tractors are made by farmer, for farmer. It is based on unique farming indight that our employees bring with them.”

Viren Popli, Chief Operating Officer, Swaraj Division, said, “ The launch of the 963 FE is based on our new tractor platform in the 60 HP to 75 HP segment. This is a brand new platform that is designed to continue and enhance our promise of power, reliability and application suitability.”

The most important : How this model makes it a choice of the masses :

  • Unique Feature : 540 PTO, 540 Economic PTO and mluti speed forward with reverse PTO, Easy Hitch, Tractor Forward and reverse within single range.
  • Better Performance : Runs on 60 HP engine that delivers 15% extra torque than other tractors in the same category. Comes with industry best 400 hours service interval, thus reducing the cost of ownership and allowing more time for operations by lowering visits to service stations and a bigger radiator
  • Higher Productivity : Advanced transmission offers a 12F x 2R gear box, offering a wide range of gear selection from 0.5 km/hr to 31.5km/hr which makes it suitable for all kinds of applications. Ensuring better productivity.
  • Technology : PTO cluctch with bigger size (12 inch), Synchromesh Transmission, 3 Range Speed options , Precision Hyfraulic
  • Comfort & Ergonomics : Sets new benchmark in style, operator comfort and convenience. It has a single lever operation . Come with big platform , ergonomic seating, suspended pedals etc
  • Cost of Ownership : 400 hours service interval for reduced cost of ownership.

Having mentioned all the features, the another important factor which would make or break this deal is the price factor. Swaraj offers 963FE at an competitive price of Rs. 7.40 lacs


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