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Syngenta Launches Fungicide Adepidyn™ in Argentina and Uruguay

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The creation of Adepidyn is the result of Syngenta commitment in its mission to bring solutions to the needs of farmers. Due to its unique technical characteristics, farmers in Argentina, Uruguay and all over the world will be capable of integrating the formulations based on Adepidyn in the disease control programs, adapting to local situations,” expressed Mauricio Morabito, Crop Protection Manager for Latin America South. Syngenta has introduced this month in Argentina its new molecule Adepidyn, which is a new active ingredient for the fungicides market in the chemical class of carboxamides. The launch event was attended by farmers, distributors, plant pathologists and the press. The new molecule presents a radical change at the control of leaf spots such as Septoria, Cercospora leaf spot, alternaria and Venturia, and yet offers an excellent control of powdery mildew, according to the company. Besides, it is effective on diseases like Fusarium, Botrytis, Sclerotinia and Corynespora, which cause serious damages on major crops in Argentina.

The formulation based on Adepidyn for the soybean treatment in Argentina and Uruguay is the combination of two active ingredients: Adepidyn and difenoconazole. The new molecule was designed to offer a superior control and long term duration against the end cycle disease management, which allows a higher productive potential.

Syngenta currently is still working on the development of several products based on Adepidyn for the treatment of soybeans, cereals, vegetables, corn and special crops all over the world. The first commercial launch of a formulation based on Adepidyn for soybeans in Argentina and Uruguay is predicted for the 2016/2017 season, once it completes the approval process.

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