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Earn 7 Lakhs by Lemon Cultivation in 1 Acre of Land; Know the Secret of Successful Farmers Here

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Lemon Cultivation

Farmers often get frustrated when they don’t obtain good yield. But there are also some successful farmers, who are making huge profits by changing the crop trend even in adverse conditions and uncertainty. Here we will inform you about one of those farmers who are making good profits by lemon cultivation. The farmers of Malwa are changing their fortunes by cultivating lemon.

Though, traditional farming is preferred in this area. But now over time farmers here have started adopting integrated farming. In kharif season, soyabean, pulses are cultivated & in rabi wheat and gram are cultivated by the farmers.

Bumper Profit from 4 bigha field

Small farmers of Malwa area, who own 10 to 15 bighas of land, are moving towards smart farming for higher yield. This is the reason that for the last few years every farmer is generally earning good profits by cultivating lemon on 4 to 5 bighas of land. They earn an average of up to 7 lakhs on the cultivation of lemon from four bighas of land.

The success of these farmers can be gauged from the fact that many farmers of the region have received awards at the national level for improved cultivation.

Kishore Singh, a farmer here, says that over time, there are different types of experiments in agriculture, which should be taken advantage by all. It is important to adopt traditional farming methods along with modern & beneficial farming techniques. Cultivation of commercial crops other than traditional crops is beneficial. Mandarin Orange and Sweet Orange varieties of lemons are grown in India. In the same way, along with lemon, farmer brothers can also grow subsidiary crops like peas, French beans and other vegetables etc.

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