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Harisharan Devgan: Changing the anatomy of farming with organic manures and pesticides

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
Harisharan Devgan

Organic agribusiness is an important tool for achieving Green productivity in agriculture and mitigates the negative impacts of the conventional intensive agricultural methods. Organic farming reduces carbon footprints, preserves and builds soil health, replenishes common biological systems for cleaner water and air, all without poisonous pesticide residues.

To improve the livelihoods and sustainable development through generation of rural employment opportunities, Mr Harisharan Devgan started his journey in 2001 to revive the methods of old school farming and adopt new techniques of organic farming and formulated Niche Agriculture Limited in the year 2013.

Organic agriculture demands organic fertilizers and pesticides that results in sustainability of socio-economic development. Niche Agriculture Limited is a home to 6200 Desi Cows of different breeds mainly Gir from Gujarat, Ongole from Andhra Pradesh, Sahiwal from Punjab and Rathi from Rajasthan.

The Gir Cow milk and urine have medicinal and insecticidal properties and Niche Agriculture Limited realized that "Cattle urine is a powerful natural pesticide and if it is properly used, can save human beings from the hazardous effects of chemical pesticides" and this prompted them to use the Cow Dungs and Urine for making biofertilizers and pesticides.

They ferment the cow urine and sprinkle them on the crop after adding neem extracts that increases its potency and is extensively used to produce organic fruits and vegetables and making organic pesticides.  Organic pesticides and fertilizers are renewable, biodegradable, maintainable, and ecologically friendly. Organic fertilizers not only nourish the grass and plants, but also bolster microorganisms within the soil.

Mr. Harisharan Devgan, with all his expertise have developed an effective manure manufacturing technology from cow dungs, and urine which is an effective natural fertilizer in the practices of organic farming. Indian Desi Cows dung contain rich amount of calcium, zinc and phosphorous and harbours a rich microbial diversity that aids Niche Agriculture Limited to increase the fertility of the soil and productivity of the crops. Niche collects all the organic farm waste in a huge pit and vermicompost is made with the breakdown of organic matter by the worms and this is the best organic fertilizer that can be used for farming.

Niche Agriculture Limited prepares organic manure by utilizing cow dung, a vital source of biofertilizers that enhances the productivity and maintaining the soil health. This manure increases the soil organic matter content and leads to improved water penetration and holding capacity of the soil. Mr. Harisharan Devgan practices the use of cow urine which improves the soil fertility and purifies its atmosphere. The urine has germicidal power to kill a variety of germs.

Niche Agriculture Limited produces organic fungicides by mixing butter milk with copper that effectively kills fungi and bacteria. Harisharan Devgan implied that the key strategy to plant health management is "prevention". Therefore, Niche Agriculture Limited is committed in doing their best and producing organic manures and pesticides that will be more environmental friendly and leading towards a greener and cleaner environment.

Hence, Organic Products are the best weapon for survival of any type of issues regarding infections, or protection from diseases. With the principle of "Healthy and Wealthy" Niche Agriculture Limited practices organic solutions to keep the environmental balance and move towards the pathway of sustainable environment.

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