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Transforming Lives: How Rani's Coffee Plantation Became a Symbol of Empowerment

Meet Rani, a resilient woman from Heravanadu, a quaint village nestled in Madikeri taluk of Kodagu, Karnataka, rich in the royal history of Mysore.

Shivam Dwivedi
How Rani's Coffee Plantation Became a Symbol of Empowerment
How Rani's Coffee Plantation Became a Symbol of Empowerment

A century ago, Heravanadu’s origins were intertwined with the grandeur of Mysore’s royal legacy. The founding families arrived here at the behest of the Mysore king, tasked with caring for the royal horses. When the king eventually left, he granted them the very lands they had nurtured. Thus began the saga of Heravanadu’s small coffee planters and laborers.

Starting as laborers in the fields, they gradually transitioned to cultivating their own land, primarily focusing on coffee. Today, there are approximately 25 coffee farmers in the village, each owning plots of land ranging from 2023 square meters to 8094 square meters.

Rani HP embarked on her journey in Heravanadu as a young bride with hopes and dreams. However, tragedy struck when her husband expired, leaving her with the responsibility of raising their three children and only 8094 square meters of land.

Determined to secure a future for her family, Rani initially worked as a daily wage laborer. Seeking guidance, she turned to the Dharmasthala Sangha (SSG), where she received invaluable support from other women. With their assistance, Rani transformed her barren land into a flourishing coffee plantation over two decades of hard work and dedication.

Rani's story epitomizes the collective strength of Heravanadu's community
Rani's story epitomizes the collective strength of Heravanadu's community

As the coffee market evolved, so did Rani's fortunes. From humble beginnings, she now commands a respectable price for her coffee beans, thanks to her expertise and perseverance. The turning point came when Anandana, The Coca-Cola India Foundation spearheading the Unnati coffee project in Coorg, and ISWAR, an NGO, recognized her dedication and offered support to Heravanadu.

Anandana, The Coca-Cola India Foundation, and ISWAR’s collaborative assistance were instrumental in providing specialized training, modern techniques in coffee plantations, and sustainable farming practices to Rani and her fellow farmers. As a result, Rani embodied the true essence of Coca-Cola India’s #SheTheDifference women empowerment campaign, which aims to uplift and empower rural women farmers and entrepreneurs like her.

Recognizing her leadership qualities, Rani was appointed as a board director for the Madikeri Highlands Farmers Producers Company Limited (FPO), launched by ISWAR in Coorg.

Rani's story epitomizes the collective strength of Heravanadu's community. With the unwavering support of her fellow villagers and her resilience, she transformed adversity into opportunity. Today, as she tends to her coffee plantation and manages her small coffee shop, Rani stands as an inspiration, showcasing how dedication and community support can lead to success.

Her legacy extends to her son, Raghu, who now manages her plantation and household. Inspired by his mother's perseverance, Raghu actively participates in the affairs of the FPO, embodying the spirit of hard work and dedication passed down through generations.

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