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Inspiring Story of 24-Year-Old Millionaire Farmer of India Shraddha Dhawan Who Generates 1 Cr Revenue Following Zero-Waste Policy

Shraddha Dhawan, a farmer from Maharashtra, started her journey into the dairy industry while she was a teenager.

Aysha Anam
(Photo Courtesy: shraddha_farms/Instagram)
(Photo Courtesy: shraddha_farms/Instagram)

A 24-year-old woman dairy farmer from Nighoj village, Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Shraddha Dhawan, is minting millions from her humble source of income. She started learning about dairy farming while she was a teenager in order to support her father who is differently-abled. She has established 'Shraddha Farms' from scratch to a net worth of 1 cr today. She holds an MSc degree in Physics. 

With a handful of buffaloes on her dairy farm, she decided to improve the quality of milk at first. Gradually, this brought in an effective rise in the prices. She then established a two-story building for her start-up venture - Shraddha Farms in Maharashtra. In this age and time of the Internet, she started exchanging knowledge with other skilled farmers across the globe. 


Zero-wastage policy was perfectly applied by her as she opened branches of her business using by-products of buffaloes. She used the cow dung for electricity production. Also, she supplied at least 30, 000 kg of vermicompost every month. 

Leaving no stone unturned, she invested in buffaloes and started trading. She would buy the cheapest one and maintain their feeding pattern so that the quality of milk is not hampered. Relentlessly, she managed to save Rs 1 crore in revenue with her start-up. 

Today, she has become a popular name with numerous awards and recognition. Farmers from the USA and other parts of the world come to visit her and she has also been giving online lectures about how to prepare a successful dairy farm business. 

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