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Mango Intensive Farming: UP's Farmer Sumit Katiyar Shares His Success Story

Young farmer named Sumit Katiyar from Uttar Pradesh shares his experience of following mango intensive farming method for more production and higher profits

Parvathy Pillai
Farmer Sumit Katiyar, Ayodhya, UP.  Image Courtesy: FTJ
Farmer Sumit Katiyar, Ayodhya, UP. Image Courtesy: FTJ

Mango-intensive farming has been taken to an exceptional level by Indian farmers. One such young farmer is Sumit Katiyar from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. He has shared his success story of gaining enormous profits by growing hybrid Amrapali mangoes through intensive farming techniques.

Mango Intensive Farming Successful Method

Using Sumit's intensive farming method, "One can gain five percent more profit than using traditional farming procedures," he said. He further added that since it is a kharif crop, this variety should be grown in June-July. He also states that proper care should be given to these crops from fruit-eating birds and other small animals that have the capability to destroy the produce.

Mango cultivation has been prevalent in southern Asia for the past six thousand years. India being one of the top agricultural-producing countries is the major mango-producing country with an annual production of 8.50 million tons.

This might sound a bit unnatural because while traditional mango cultivation adopts 45-60 trees per acre, high-density cultivation or intensive farming allows up to 200 plants per acre. In intensive farming, crops are usually grown at a distance of maximum of 2.5 meters from each other. This helps to cover a small area with maximum output.

However, Sumit shares his way of getting better profits by growing mangoes at a distance of 8 meters from each other.

Farming incorporates a number of methods, and each one has to be conducted efficiently and effectively for better yields. One such is ‘Intensive Farming’. It is also known as high-density farming, high-input framing, or close planting. It basically involves growing crops or plants in huge quantities with the major aim of maximizing productivity and profits. India being an Agri-based country is highly dependent on such farming methods due to overpopulation and limited availability of cultivable land.


However, with the help of determined farmers such as Sumit Katiyar, every farmer can be empowered to use the resources efficiently and expect an effective outcome. 

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