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Meet This Arabic School Teacher who Encourages & Teaches Children Lessons in Agriculture as well as Art

We are all pretty sure about our kids who go to school to read and learn what they got in their books rather than plant vegetables in their school premises. But the Children of Fort Kochi Santa Cruz LP School is more involved in farming than learning from their books.

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

We are all pretty sure about our kids who go to school to read and learn what they got in their books rather than plant vegetables in their school premises. But the Children of Fort Kochi Santa Cruz LP School is more involved in farming than learning from their books. Their Arabic mash Zubair is the one to inspire them and encourage them. He goes to school with a basket full of seeds. Once there, the children are taught the nature lessons along with Arabic and Art. It’s all intermingled. He goes on to say that farming and teaching are like two hands. Zubair is lovingly called as Zubair Mash by his students at school. Mash is a synonym for the most loved -teacher.  

Zubair Mash who started teaching in July 2007 has always encouraged children in agriculture as well as art activities. Mash gives the children seeds and encourages them to grow them in a grow bag at home. There is no better way in his life than teaching children the lessons of agriculture in an urban area like Fort Kochi. The children also are very excited when he went down with the children who did not even know what agriculture was and introduced them to agriculture by telling and encouraging them one by one. Later, he bought seeds from home and compelled the children to grow them in their home. 

So the teachers of the nearby schools also come looking for Zubair Mash to know what the children are cultivating and learning in their own homes and schools. After asking for ideas, the teachers started farming in their schools with the help of the children. Nature clubs were formed in all schools under the leadership of Mash. Thus, a nature club was formed in the Mattancherry education sub-district. The then Sub-District Officer Ajit Zubair assisted in this matter as well. District Nature Clubs were soon formed in all schools in collaboration with Santhosh, who was the District Education Officer. Soumya at Arukutty Krishi Bhavan and Staff Manian Nair is also always there with encouragement. 

When their support came, Mash wanted to do more farming and a desire to bring agriculture to every school. Zubair Mash and company are always there to fulfill the wish. He believes that not only students but also their parents should be good farmers. There was full support from Forest Officer Anas and Vyttila Agriculture Officer Unnikrishnan. Subair is the Ernakulam District Environment Coordinator since then. The club also has 7 WhatsApp groups. They even submitted to the Government that it is mandatory to bring a period of agricultural lessons from the nursery level. Mash wants students to grow up knowing soil, nature and agriculture from an early age.  

Zubair has won several awards, including the MLA Award for Best Teacher and the Environment Award. In the meantime, he finds time to prepare his own plays and skits, teach children and perform on stage. He also tries to teach children Mappila arts, karate and yoga. This all-time great teacher has made his own short films and gained recognition. He has won several awards, including the MLA Award for Best Teacher and the Environment Award. He is also the District Arabic Complex Secretary, Clean Arukutty Foundation Coordinator and former District Secretary of the Naduvath Nagar Kerala Arabic Teachers Federation (KAT F) and a member of the Mohammedans Sporting Club. 

His wife Bushra and kids Begum Ruksana, Mohammad Rizwan and Mohammad Resin is always behind him supporting. Before we sign off Mash says he does not like to wear shoes and gloves on the farm. When asked "Isn't this body made of soil"? Yes we are ,Soil and Human are the most exquisite creations of god and are so much interlinked.  

Story courtesy - Krishi Jagran Malayalam

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