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Sunita: An Inspiration for Rural Women

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Today, we would like to share the success story of Sunita, a lady from the state of Bihar, who has turned into an inspiration not only for the ladies of her village but also for the whole Indian society.

Our society is always evil pervaded due to the less attention given to the education of women. From Sunita’s life, it is proven that, if a lady is determined to do certain work, then no one can stop her.

Sunita always had a desire and determination to do something of her own. This strong determination of her helped her to complete her intermediate.

Due to financial crisis, she thought of doing something new, in addition to the family farm. Moving forward with this thought, Sunita have started making beautiful crafts and pictures. Many people including her husband protested against this and made fun of her. Even though, she was not ready to give up. She continued working with passion. She cuts and trims the straw, making it straight and pastes it directly according to the size and dimensions of the picture of her imagination.

Gradually, her family and society started supporting her due to her extreme dedication and determination to her work. Today, the pictures and crafts made by Sunita is appreciated by the whole country. She is appreciated not only by her village, but is appreciated by the whole country.

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