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This Indian Boy Who Helped Kids With Education Wins Apple’s Global Student Challenge

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma

Apple’s WWDC 2020 is around the corner and we all can’t wait for the event to happen. While we will be waiting for the new apple offerings for this year, we don’t have to wait for the winners for Apple’s Swift Student Challenge from over 41 different countries and regions. Apple have announced 350 winners & among the 350 is Palash Taneja of Delhi.

Palash developed a Swift Playground Tool to teach people coding and also making them learn about how to maintain social distancing and wearing masks can help in slow the spreading of Coronavirus. He noticed that many people around the world aren’t taking COVID pandemic seriously and he then he decided to create this solution.

Palash's Helping Efforts for Children:

Palash, in his teenage years used to volunteer to teach kids English & Mathematics who could not afford to pay for tuition's.

He just finished his freshman year at the University of Texas. But before leaving for US, to help kids to get quality education on the web without any language barrier, he created a program that could translate popular online education videos in to 40 languages.

He says, “I really enjoy working with children, and I think education is one of the things that can create the biggest impact in someone’s life, especially someone in a developing country.”

How his Coding Journey Started?

He was not always interested in coding but when 4 years ago he contracted a severe case of dengue, it left him in a very weak state for months. He said, “That whole experience of two to three months of suffering — I think that really inspired me to learn programming and to use it as a problem-solving tool.” Later he created a web based tool to predict and inform about how mosquito borne diseases spread.

Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2020:

On June 22, 2020 at WWDC, Palash with 349 other winners will collaborate and learn from a global community of 23 million developers about the field of programing. For the first time in 31 years, WWDC will be an online only conference.

At WWDC every year, Apple showcases the new iOS, WatchOS, MacOS and iPadOS versions of Apple devices&How they would look like, and connects on new features that the developers will bring to the table.

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