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China Sprouts Cotton Seed for the first time on the dark side of Moon


China has made a remarkable achievement by being able to sprout seeds on the far side of the moon. It is for the first time, a mission is sent to the dark side of the moon by a country. The far side which is also known as the dark side of the Moon is less known as compared to the other side.

China National Space Administration (CNSA) led Chang 'e-4 landed moon's far side on 3rd January, it also has a lunar biosphere developed by Chongqing University. The scientist claims this as the first biological activity that happens on the surface of moon. Though plants are grown inside International Space Station, it is for the first time a seed is being sprouted on a solar system outside the earth in a lunar mini biosphere.

The lunar mini biosphere was designed in a canister to test photosynthesis. Chang 'e 4 has brought several seeds to the Moon which includes cotton, Rapeseed, Potato. Of these only Cotton has germinated. The reasons for that are yet to be found. The seeds were made dormant during 20 days journey from Earth to the moon. Only on reaching the moon the command to water the seed was given. The probe has taken 170 pictures. 

This is a breakthrough in the realm of knowledge about the possibility of life in other parts of solar system. The ability to grow plants open new doors for a long term space mission and points out to the possibility of astronauts to potentially produce and consume their own food. 

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