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Disease and Pest Control Techniques: How to Get Rid of Weeds through Organic and Chemical Ways?

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Moong is one of the major pulses crops that is grown and cultivated across many states of India. Being a major pulses crop, it is sown on a large scale and farmers get good benefits from it. But, however, many times they are not able to enjoy this benefit due to crop-related problems which mainly includes pest attack and disease. Moreover, if the measures are not taken in time, the entire crop and cost can be wasted in vain.

Hence, we are going to give you detailed information about some of the major pests and diseases in moong and will tell how you the ways to prevent them. Along with this, you will get detailed information on how you can get rid of unwanted weeds and get maximum production. Here we are giving detailed information on weed control in moong cultivation with the organic method as well as with chemical method.

Major diseases of moong and their prevention

Skin diseases

Yellow Chitari disease is a viral disease in which yellow spots appear on the leaves and later the leaves become completely yellow. The disease spreads rapidly. 


This disease is spread by whitefly in the mung bean crop. For its prevention in ACE, sprinkle oxidometan methyl or dimethoate in water as required in the field.

Leaf disease

In this disease, wrinkles occur on the leaves. It is also a viral disease. Leaves appear thick and rough in this.


Farmers uproot and burn diseased plants from the crop to control this disease. In addition, farmers can also spray pesticides.

Sarcospora letter bundki disease

It is a special disease in the moong crop, due to which the outbreak causes great loss in yield. In this, dark brown spots appear on the leaves.


To protect the crop from this disease, farmers must treat the seeds before sowing with captain or thiram fungicide.

Chronic Fungal Disease

In this disease, dark spots appear on the lower leaves of the plants and later small white dots appear on the leaves. Later these small white dots become big white spots. Let us tell you that this disease spreads rapidly in hot or dry environment.


Farmers should use soluble sulfur to protect the plants from the outbreak of this disease. If there is more outbreak of disease, then mix Carbendazim or Kerathane in water and sprinkle it as needed.

Follicular contraction disease

In this disease, the growth of leaves is stopped. There is a deficiency of nutrient in the leaves. As a result, the yield of moong also decreases. It is also a viral disease.


To protect the crop from disease, farmers should treat the seeds with imidacloprid and sow only after that. Also, spray the pesticide after about 15 days of sowing.

Yellow mosaic disease

In Mosaic disease, the leaves start shrinking and blisters are started on them. In this case, the growth of plants also stops. 


Farmers should sow from certified seeds to save their moong crop. Simultaneously, uproot and burn the diseased plants.

Major pest and their preventionThrips or mites

Moths called mites or thrips harm the moong plant by sucking them. Plants become yellow, weak due to its infestation. Disorder occurs in them.


Before sowing, farmers should treat the seeds with thiomethoxam 70 ws 2 ml per kg of seed. Let us tell you that thymotoxam can also be relieved by the problem of thrips by spraying 25 W G 2 ml per liter of water.


In the crop, the baby and adult plants of Mahu insect suck the juices from the soft stems, leaves, flowers and fruits and make them weak.


For crop protection from this pest, farmers should spray dimethylate 1000 ml per 600 liters of water or imidacloprid 17.8 sl per 600 liters of water at 125 ml per hectare.

White fly

White fly is a multivalent insect that damages the crop from the initial stage to the last stage. Outbreak causes a decrease in production.

Using the method of Mahu Pest Control, farmers can get rid of this pest too. 

Chemical Method of weed Control in Moong Cultivation

Farmers should pay special attention to weeds for about 20 to 30 days after sowing of moong. This is because in the early stages weeds cause the most damage to the crop. In case of more problems, spray weedicide. Farmers should use pendimethalin 30 EC, 750 to 1000 grams per hectare within 3 days of sowin

Weed Control by Organic Method in Moong Cultivation

If farmers want to manage weeds in the cultivation of moong by organic method, for this they do deep plowing of their field in summer. Along with this, they use rotten cow dung manure in the field. Also pay attention to the choice of varieties. Weeding should be done after about 20 days of sowing to deal with the weeds. After 45 days, weed it again. Farmers choose the appropriate crop cycle. In addition, farmers can use mulching for weed management by organic method.

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