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Farmers can Increase their Income and Yield with this Wheat Variety

Black wheat farming is benefiting farmers. The best thing about this wheat is that along with its good yields, prices are also getting higher in the market. Experts are also considering its cultivation as a good sign.

Sangeeta Soni

Agriculture sector experts say that if you adopt the treated seeds of black wheat, which is different from the traditional ones, then there will be an increase your income as well as yield. Many farmers are earning high income by doing black wheat farming.  

As per the experts of agricultural department, this wheat is very beneficial for people having diabetes. Presently, area under sowing of black wheat crop is increasing gradually in many districts of Uttar Pradesh.  

Sow before 30 November 

According to experts and agricultural scientists, present atmosphere is suitable for black wheat farming, as there must be sufficient moisture in the field for its cultivation. Farmers can easily sow this wheat till November 30. If it is sown late, crop yield will be decreased. 

Talking about last year, only eight farmers in Rae Bareli, U.P., cultivated Black Wheat, but this year more than 100 farmers have started preparing for black wheat sowing. Along with good yield, this wheat has one more speciality that it is sold in the market at a price of Rs. 4000 to 6000 per quintal., which is double than that of any other type of wheat.   

In the same year, the government has fixed the minimum support price for wheat at Rs. 1,975 per quintal. According to this, farmers’ income can increase up to three times by cultivating black wheat.  

Method of Sowing 

According to agricultural scientists, farmers should sow black wheat with seed drill. By doing this, good savings of fertilizer and seeds can be made. Black wheat is produced just like normal wheat. It yields 10 to 12 quintals per bigha. Farmers can buy seeds from the market and sow it. And this season is considered suitable for its sowing. 

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