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First Cairo Food Summit to Highlight Opportunities & Challenges in Agriculture and Food Industries

The first Cairo Food Summit will be held on February 27th, with the support of Egypt's ministers of supply and internal trade, international cooperation, agriculture and land reclamation, trade and industry, and tourism.

Shivam Dwivedi
The government & private sector are working together to increase Egyptian exports to $100 billion per year
The government & private sector are working together to increase Egyptian exports to $100 billion per year

The event reflects the government's commitment- under President Abdel Fattah Al-leadership Sisi's - to fostering the development of the agricultural and food industries in order to strengthen the country's push for self-sufficiency and stimulate GDP growth.

The private sector is actively participating in this endeavour, devoting significant effort to achieving the country's Vision 2030 objectives.

The opening session of the summit will feature keynote speeches from Ministers of Supply and Internal Trade, International Cooperation, Agriculture and Land Reclamation, as well as the Ambassadors of the European Union and Italy. Under the theme "Food Today & Tomorrow," the Cairo Food Summit will bring together major stakeholders from various sectors to collaborate and network in order to achieve Egypt Vision 2030's sustainable development strategy and ensure that the country's food sector can play a role in achieving it.

Through three specialized panels discussing Investing in Agriculture Efficiency and Sustainability, Egyptian Exports' Outlook and Growth Potentials, and Food Industry as Catalyst for Economic Growth, the event will bring together subject-matter experts from all sectors, including ministers, government officials, key opinion and thought leaders, to discuss the future of the food industry and explore ways to achieve food security and sustainable economic growth.

These in-depth sessions will shed light on Egypt's mainstay industry of economic growth, while also painting a picture of how to address the sector's challenges and capitalise on its available opportunities. The summit will generate opportunities and solutions to help the food sector develop in a way that meets the nation's goals of reducing inflation and meeting the long-term food security goals outlined in Vision 2030.

Alaa Ezz, Secretary-General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Secretary-General of the inaugural Cairo Food Summit, spoke about the private sector's contribution to the support of Egypt's agricultural and food industries sector, which serves as a critical support for the Egyptian economy. "The government and the private sector are working together to increase Egyptian exports to $100 billion per year, which is not possible without a joint, strategic collaborative approach."

Ezz went on to say that there is an urgent need for an annual platform aimed at fostering open dialogue between the government and the private sector. "This will provide a comprehensive assessment of the agricultural and food industries, promoting constructive and tangible improvements," he said.

Business organisations, such as industrial federations, associations, and councils, enthusiastically support the government's progress agenda, which is now being realised in collaboration with the private sector." Cairo Food Summit is sponsored by Regina Co. for Pasta and Food Industries, StartUp Power, Ahmed Abou Hashima's renowned competition, and a number of other institutions.

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