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Government is Providing 90% Subsidy on Cultivation of Strawberries & Other Crops; Details Inside

M Kanika
M Kanika
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit

In order to increase the income of the farmers of our country, so that they can be financially stable & strong, the government continues to operate many such beneficial schemes, so that the economic condition of the farmers can be improved. Out of these schemes, National Horticulture Mission is one, which is proving to be a boon for the farmers. 

Let us inform you that under the National Horticulture Scheme, the cultivation of various crops and flowers is being promoted. Under these schemes, the government is providing a subsidy of up to 90% to the farmers for the cultivation of strawberry growers and other fruits as well.

It is being told by the district park that the government is encouraging the farmers to adopt horticulture accompanied by traditional farming. Due to this, it is providing the subsidy to farmers for the cultivation of medicinal & other crops.

Below we have mentioned the percentage of subsidy that the government is providing on different crops. 

Subsidy is Offered on Cultivation of These Crops

  • There is a provision of 50% subsidy on the cultivation of strawberry, dragon fruit, spices & aromatic plants.

  • Up to 70% subsidy will be given on the Marigold Flower Cultivation.

  • There is a provision to give a 75% subsidy of the total cost for the cultivation of papaya.

  • To keep fruits & vegetables safe, a 90% subsidy is being given for taking plastic crates and mushroom kits.

To all the farmers out there, who want to take the advantage of the grant under these schemes, can apply without any delay by just visiting its official website. The process of its application has already begun from 23rd November 2021

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