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UP Government is Providing 50% Subsidy for Strawberry Cultivation; Details Inside

In order to increase the income of the farmers of our country so that they can be financially stable & strong, the government continues to introduce many beneficial schemes, so that the economic condition of the farmers can be improved.

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Strawberries that are generally cultivated and grown in cold regions will now flourish in the fields of Uttar Pradesh as well. For this, the Agriculture Department has offered subsidy on Strawberry Cultivation up to 40 percent to the farmers.

With this government initiation, the farmers will not only get a new option for Horticulture Crops Cultivation in the state, but also fulfill the increasing demand of Strawberry in the market.

Subsidy on Strawberry Cultivation

The Uttar Pradesh government is also encouraging the farmers of their state to cultivate horticulture fruit crops. In this series, a 40 to 50 percent subsidy is being given to the farmers of the state for the cultivation of strawberry. For this, online applications have also been sought from the farmers. Under this scheme, the Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Department has set a target of expanding the area for strawberry cultivation in 10 hectares in Sitapur district.

To avail the subsidy on strawberry cultivation by the Uttar Pradesh State Agriculture Department, you can register online by visiting your nearest Jan Suvidha Kendra.

According to the rules of this subsidy scheme, only registered farmers will be given the benefit of subsidy. Under this scheme, the selection of beneficiary farmers will also be on the basis of 'first come first serve'.

For more information related to this scheme, you can also apply by visiting the official website of Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Department http://upagriculture.com/.

Tips for strawberry cultivation

It is obvious that strawberry is a cold climate horticulture crop, for its better production the temperature should be between 20 to 30 degree Celsius.

Sandy loam soil is most suitable for its cultivation, in which the use of vermi compost rich in organic matter without chemicals is beneficial.

For better production of Strawberry, sowing can be done directly in the field by making ridges or in Mulch, Low Tunnel and Polyhouse (Strawberry Cultivation in Polyhouse) with improved seeds.

To earn good money from Strawberry Cultivation, its processing, packaging and marketing (Strawberry Marketing) should also be taken care of.

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