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Govt. Announced Various Incentives for Sericulture Farmers

The Karnataka State Government has promised to provide an incentive to reelers as well as farmers for the production of raw silk.

Shivani Meena

The Karnataka State Government on Friday announced incentives for sericulture farmers producing bivoltine cocoons, as well as the establishment of new cocoon markets in Haveri and Kalaburagi.

In presenting the State Budget 2022-23, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai stated that Karnataka was the leader at silk production and that the government will pay Rs. 10,000 incentives to sericulture producers for every tonne of bivoltine sold in government silk cocoon markets.

In addition, the government said that hi-tech governmental cocoon markets will be created in Kalaburagi and Haveri districts at 15 crores with NABARD support.

N.Y. Chigari, former Deputy Director of Sericulture for the Government of Karnataka, told that the cocoon markets in the North Karnataka districts of Haveri and Kalaburagi will benefit the sericulture farmers of the region. Because they had to go all the way to Ramanagaram to sell their produce.

He also stated that the incentive for farmers growing bivoltine silk was previously in place but had been discontinued. The incentive has now been reinstated to encourage farmers.

The Budget has promised to provide an incentive to reelers as well as farmers for the production of raw silk.

Bommai stated that cold storage units will be developed in Maddur, Ranebennur, and Devanahalli on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis at 15 crores to manufacture and store dipause eggs.

In addition, a well-equipped training facility for all silk manufacturing operations will be created under the PPP model in K.R. Pet, Mandya district. Bomma stated that e-Weighment and e-Payment will be adopted in all cocoon marketplaces to give clarity, transparency, and a fair price to silk farmers.

To preserve the interests of silk producers and reelers, the Karnataka Silk Marketing Board will purchase raw silk if cocoon prices fall.

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