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Important Details of Robotic Agriculture, Different Technologies & Drones in Agriculture to Benefit Farmers

In the fast-paced world with evolving basic humanitarian needs agriculture which is the most basic entity of industries, is also going through a lot of reforms with the rising of technologies.  

Now due to a shortage of labor and increasing need to feed the large population around the globe, Agriculture Robots have entered into the picture. Interestingly, they are becoming a common yet useful assistant of farmers in various different works. 

However, as the tech industry is still in the dawn of agri-robo revolution, many of its models are still in trial, research and development zone. 

Technologies Currently Deployed in the Agriculture Industry: 

Drones for Aerial Imaging 

  • They are among the first robotic applications used by farmers to save time and labor involved in going out for visual checking on a crop.

  • These drones are well-equipped with many features like multi-spectral and photo cameras for monitoring crop stress, plant growth and predict yields; more advanced drones that are able to carry and deliver props like herbicides, fertilizer, and water.

  • It can be utilized through a drone as a service type operation.

  • It has a feature of scheduled flyovers or can be stored on site and used when required.

  • It is stored at weatherproof docking stations.

Robots for Spraying/Weeding 

  • To make the use of images collected by drones of weed, companies train the robots to identify and pluck weeds.

  • They are also trained to apply pesticides directly on the weed.

  • It will prove to be a huge boost for both the farmers and the environment.

GPS System for Auto Steering/Navigation 

  • The farmer can enable their tractors to automatically run on the field and perform agricultural activities needed.

  • Many of these autonomous devices and function come with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Some of them are also designed to automatically adjust in hilly terrain region.

  • It helps farmers to follow their tractors exact location and progress by smartphones.

Robotics for Fruit Harvesting 

  • Crops which include strawberries, cucumbers and orchard fruit like apples have early focus on robotics for harvesting purpose.

  • The innovation will employs image processing and robotic arms to determine what to pick from the field.

  • Quality control and grading of the fruits can also be done by these robotic operations.

  • It becomes easy to identify business revenue and organize packaging and processing operations.

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