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Know How House Wives Earn 10000 per week

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

When we think of agriculture, we think of soil preparation, fertilization, proper irrigation and physical activity till harvest. There are many people around us who find this difficult. If they want to cultivate, they can skip all this and make a try in some other farming. 

One of them was mentioned earlier, Micro Greens Farming. It is a crop that can be harvested in a short period of time, i.e. within a week. This article is about another crop that can be easily harvested in a short period. As mentioned earlier, it is mushroom that does not require any soil or manure application. With a small investment of around Rs 10,000, you can earn up to Rs 10,000 per week ( Not in the very first week). Up to Rs. 1 lakh is being provided by the government in some states as an incentive to mushroom growers. The subsidy is given to the farmers by the Horticulture Mission. 

If we talk about the method of cultivation , we can talk about the medium of cultivation at first. The bed is prepared in polythene bags using straw or saw dust. As a first step ,scatter steamed (40 minutes) straw or sawdust on any surface to drain the water . Spread this moisture-only medium 2 inches thick in polythene cover. Then the seeds should be deposited on the edges. It can be repeated four or five times depending on the size of the bag. Then tie the bag. Twenty microscopic holes should be made in each layer with a nail to allow ventilation.  

It costs about seventy rupees to prepare a bed with seeds and straw. Its harvest will be around Rs.300. Expect 200 in less than a day anyway. It can also be harvested three times in 60-70 days. 

A basin requires 3 kg of straw. 300 gm of seed is also required. As mentioned above, ten to fifty beds can be easily constructed indoors or in outdoor sheds constructed for this purpose. Ready-made cages are available today for high-tech farming. Mushroom cultivation requires rooms that are not exposed to sunlight but are well ventilated. Mushroom growers are guaranteed a good income if their produce is properly marketed according to their production. 

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