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Korea Imports Amla Powder from India

KoreaShop 24, a B2B business, imports a container of the superfood, which is thought to improve immunity.

Chintu Das

A Korean B2B company recently closed a deal to buy a container full of amla powder from an unidentified Indian seller, indicating that gooseberries grown in India are making their way to Korea as immunity boosters in these troubled times. This is the first amla export from India to South Korea, according to reports.

KoreaShop 24, a B2B agency, signed the agreement on behalf of a well-known Korean company named Nature Factory, which expects to raise its amla imports from India in the next two to three months as demand rises, according to KoreaShop 24.

The global amla extract industry, which was estimated at $35.39 billion in 2018, is forecast to develop at a CAGR of 4.9 percent between 2019 and 2025, according to a study by market research company Grand View Research. This expansion is fueled primarily by rising health awareness and increased demand for antioxidant-rich goods.

Body structure, weight loss, appetite, and the immune and digestive systems are all said to benefit from amla extract. Furthermore, amla extract is high in antioxidants and has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood cholesterol, ageing, cell injury, and inflammation.

“While we recognize the seriousness of the situation and the times we are all living in as a result of the pandemic, we see this Amla trade agreement as a silver lining in the middle of the crisis. We are pleased that, through KoreaShop 24, we are facilitating trade and boosting the economies of both countries.

Not just that, but since amla is an excellent immunity booster, it gives me great pleasure to know that Koreans will soon be able to obtain this rich superfood and benefit from its health benefits” said Seo Youngdoo, a spokesperson for KoreaShop 24 in a tweet.

Other traders and vendors will be able to reach out to different countries via this middle channel for trading purposes as a result of this first agreement. It would also open doors for merchants trading in other organic superfoods and ingredients that are abundant in India, boosting the economy significantly, according to the release.

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