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Maharashtra Budget 2019: Rs 22,814.94 Crore Allotted to Agriculture, Rural, Irrigation Sector

The Maharashtra government has given high priority to agriculture, rural development and irrigation sectors in its Interim Budget which was presented before the Assembly. It allotted Rs 22,814.94 crore from the total Rs 99,000 crore sanctioned under the development plan.

Tooba Maher
maharashtra budget

The Maharashtra government has given high priority to agriculture, rural development and irrigation sectors in its Interim Budget which was presented before the Assembly. It allotted Rs 22,814.94 crore from the total Rs 99,000 crore sanctioned under the development plan. 

However, agriculture and allied sector was allotted Rs 9,568.95 crore. For rural development, Rs 3,679.61 crore and Rs 9,566.38 crore for irrigation was allotted. 

Though the government did not announce any new scheme in these sectors, sizeable funds were allotted to cater to the farming community, which includes around 55% of the state’s population. Backward regions of Vidarbha and Marathwada are given special emphasis to fast-track irrigation projects.  

Adding to it, the government also sanctioned Rs 2,000 crore to help drought-hit farmers. This is in addition to the Rs 2,909 crore it had disbursed and Rs 1,507 crore credited to the bank accounts of 42 lakh out of the total 82 lakh farmers in the state. 

Meanwhile, Rs 8,733 crore was announced for water resources development. The government’s flagship project, Jalyukta Shivar, was allotted Rs 1,500 crore. However, the target is to make 6,000 villages drought-free by December.  

Rs 5,187 crore was proposed for micro-irrigation, irrigation wells, farm ponds and the employment guarantee scheme. Rs 3,498 crore was proposed for Bhausaheb Fundkar Horticulture Plantation Scheme and grant for agriculture instruments under the centrally-sponsored mechanised farming scheme. 

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Shetkari Sanman Yojana was allotted Rs 24,000 crore to waive the loans of 51 lakh farmers. 

Meanwhile, the government also promised to provide uninterrupted power to farmers through solar power and allotted Rs 900 crore for agriculture pumps. Interim Budget allotted for Atal Arthasahay Yojana is Rs 500 crore. 

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