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Maharashtra Completes 55.7 Lakh Hectares Sowing For Current Rabi Season, Surpassing Previous Year Record

Maharashtra has completed 97.75 percent of its sowing for the 2021-22 rabi season, spanning an area of 55.70 lakh hectares. The year before, 56.98 lakh hectares were sown in the same period.

Shivani Meena
Wheat: A major Rabi crop
Wheat: A major Rabi crop

According to the most recent statistics from the Maharashtra agricultural department, the average rabi cultivation area of the state is roughly 51 lakh hectares. This year, Maharashtra has surpassed all other states in terms of chana cultivation. The area utilized for pulse cultivation has increased to 26.59 lakh hectares, up from 24.52 lakh hectares at the same period the previous season.

However, jowar cultivation has decreased to 13.79 lakh hectares from 16.26 lakh hectares the previous year. Likewise, wheat acreage has decreased to 10.27 lakh hectares from 11.64 lakh hectares the previous year. According to the data, 3.21 lakh hectares of maize have been sown in the rabi season. The area was around 2.7 lakh hectares last year. This season, the overall area for oilseed cultivation has increased to 52,806 hectares, up from 43,564 hectares the previous season.

According to preliminary estimates, unseasonal rains, severe weather, and storms have hit 11 districts in the state, spanning an area of 54,960 hectares.

According to the sowing report, maize, wheat, jowar, tur, chana, safflower, cereals, grapes, pomegranates, bananas, papaya, oranges, onion, and sugarcane have all been affected to some level. Fall armyworm has wreaked havoc on the jowar and maize harvests in several areas of the state, while chana has also been afflicted by other crop diseases.

The Centre has given around 29.50 lakh tonnes of fertilizer to the state for the rabi season. Furthermore, the state government has initiated a drive to cut off electricity to agricultural water pumps to recover Rs 41,000 crore in dues.

Various state ministries, including the urban development department, are not paying their dues to the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company, according to energy minister Nitin Raut.

Also, Farmers do have not to pay dues totaling Rs 41,000 crore. The state energy department has started a drive to cut off electricity supplies to defaulters. Previously, the state government tried but failed to recover the amount through different concession agreements. Anil Ghanwat, leader of the Shetkari Sanghatana, has issued a court notice to the government, alleging that suspending electricity supplies to farmers breaches the Food Security Act. Ghanwat stated that if the government continues to cut electricity to water pumps, the rabi crop would collapse.

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