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Maharashtra Government Approves ADB Funded Project for development of Agriculture in the State

With the economy beginning to reopen the Maharashtra government has approved the massive project which aims to increase fruit and vegetable production in the state.

Saumy Deepak Tripathi

The Maharashtra government has approved a project that will boost fruit and vegetable production in the state. The project will be funded by the Manila-based Asian Development Bank(ADB). The project is estimated to be worth Rs. 1000 crore out of which 700 crores will be provided by the ADB and the rest will be covered by the government of Maharashtra. 
The project aims to make the state a surplus producer of fruits and vegetables which will help in boosting the farmer’s income. The project has been hailed by the farmer organisation which hopes that it will help the farmers especially the marginal ones. The project is seen as an important part of raising the profile of agriculture not only in the state but also across the country. 


The sector has proved its mettle by showing a positive growth rate even during the pandemic when every sector performance was abysmal. This has got the government thinking that with proper public-private co-ordination agriculture could not only be an important cog in an economic recovery but in the future will contribute much more to the country’s GDP when the economic conditions normalise. 
The government has recently also relaxed the rules under the Essential Commodities Act and has also passed two ordinances that will make the farmers more independent in exercising their choice regarding the selling of their crops. The Indian government is now ready to give the farmers a more freehand and it has put trust in them that they can handle the pressure of a free market. 

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