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One ORGANIC Solution for all Your Farming Problems at Just Rs. 20

In every problem, whether it’s related to your life or field, there is an organic way to solve it. What are the problems your farm faces generally? Unproductive soil? Bad Soil health? Pests? Unsatisfactory Fruit quality? Worms? For all these problems, you may go for all the chemical products namely manures, fertilizer, pesticide, etc. which sucks a lot of farmer's finances.

Pronami Chetia

In every problem, whether it's related to your life or field, there is an organic way to solve it. What are the problems your farm faces generally? Unproductive soil? Bad soil health? Pests? Unsatisfactory fruit quality? Worms? For all these problems, you may go for all the chemical products namely manures, fertilizer, pesticide, etc. You may be surprised to hear if we tell you that all your farming problems can be solved through bio-degradable waste.

It would not be wrong to term this product a miracle for all the farming problems. Would it be? Most of all, it is completely ORGANIC. And to again make your jaw drop down, it comes at a price of Rs. 20 per bottle. Now, the population is attracted towards organic farming which is having much more benefit than moving to chemical farming. 

But how much can organic farming accommodate the ever-increasing population rate? This is something that supports the organic revolution and gives enough credibility and strength to the motive of chemical-free agricultural practices.   

National Center of Organic Farming, NCOF Ghaziabad has developed a product named Waste Decomposer. It is a consortium of a few beneficial microorganisms which is isolated by Dr. Krishan Chandra from Desi Cow Dung and took 11 years to standardize the mass multiplication technique at the farm level. Waste decomposer works as Biofertiliser, Biocontrol, and as well Soil Health Reviver. Dr. Chandra told Krishi Jagran," It can be used in various ways such as quick composting of biowastes, drip irrigation, foliar spray as a biopesticide against most of the plant diseases for all types of agricultural and horticultural crops, in-situ composting of crop residue, and steel treatment."

Dr. Chandra says soil of average quality needs a period of 6 months and soil of worst quality needs at most 12 months to re-gain its high productivity. Another attractive feature that makes it different from any other product available is that it can be used for any or all crops. 

The country produces about 62 million tons of bio-waste every year.Getting rid of this waste is not an easy task taking into consideration the cost involved in it. So, as an obvious choice, the waste is either kept in the open to decompose and diffuse the foul smell in the environment or it is burned to cause much air pollution. Management of agricultural and municipal waste is a trauma for developing countries like us. The product adds up its own value since it only uses bio-degradable waste. Waste Decomposer solves the problem of waste management to a larger extent.  

Waste Decomposer
Waste Decomposer

How to Use:

Step 1: Take one bottle of Waste Decomposer and mix it well in 200 L of water and 2 Kg Jaggery. Keep the solution for a week. 

Step 2: After a week use the solution to spray at your farms/water your land. 


The solution can be used again and again from the above-formed mixture. For that, 20 Litres of the above solution is added to a drum with 2 kg of jaggery and 200 Litres of water. And in such a way this can be used again and again. 

How it works :

As Manure : 

  • 18-20 cm thick layers of 1-ton bio-waste such as agricultural waste, kitchen waste, cow dung, etc are piled on the ground. 

  • Wet the waste with a solution of the waste decomposer. 

  • Again another 18-20 cm thick layer of bio-waste is spread and again wet with waste decomposer solution. 


    The above processes are repeated till the piling goes 30-45 cm higher. 

  • Turn the pile at every 7 days interval for uniform composting and add more solution at every turning. 

  • Maintain 60% moisture during the entire period of composting. If required again add the solution. The compost gets ready to use after 30-40 days. 

As Bio-pesticide:

The mass multiplied liquid waste decomposer culture is diluted in the ratio of 1:3 with water and applied as a foliar spray to control pests and diseases. It can control all types of soil-borne, foliar diseases, insects, and pests. Farmers are investing huge finances in purchasing fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and other manures to revive the soil quality, but all this can be eradicated by one pocket-saving solution.  A waste decomposer is a viable solution to the farmers' distress. Amid the advanced technology, the cost of farming has also increased by many folds. It gets difficult to make out profits from the agricultural business. A solution like these could help the farmers to get away with the no profit no loss equations. Mr. Ajay Kumar can be contacted at phone number: 8802034557 for placing order by challan/money order.  

Go Organic, Go Green and make this world a better place to live. 

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