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Profitable Agri-Business: Start These 6 Low Scale Business & Double Your Profit

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Agri-business is one of the fastest-growing business across the globe during this time while big industries bound to shut their door due to crisis. Moreover, youth is moving towards more into an agro-based business where the chances of loss are very less. If we look at the current scenario, there are more opportunities in Agri-business field than any other sector to try your luck where you can earn the maximum profit with minimum investment. Hence, we have listed out some of the most demanding small scale agri-business which can offer you a profitable future in agriculture with less investment.

Fertilizer business

You can think of this small scale agri-business to get a profitable agri-business. Farmers need seeds, manure and many agricultural implements for their farming. For this, the shopkeeper must get a license from the government. Then only he can sell seeds, manure and agricultural goods to the farmers. If you want to start this business, first arrange a warehouse and you may have to invest about 2 lakh rupees in it.

Jatropha Cultivation

Jatropha which is also known as ‘Ratanjot’, considered as an important source of energy. Moreover, a farmer needs a lot of fuel in farming. In such a situation, the cultivation of Jatropha is very beneficial. Moreover, you can easily cultivate it along the sides of the fields and along the irrigation drains. It takes less time. Jatropha crop can be grown in a wide range of soil including wastelands, poor soils, low rainfall, and drought areas. Jatropha plants are hardy and can tolerate water scarcity. Wastelands and other lands not suitable for crops can be utilized for growing Jatropha seeds.

Pulse Mill business

This business can be done easily in both rural and urban areas where you can earn more profit by applying less cost. You can start this business easily in less space. In India, dal milling is a profitable business. Depending on the production output, you can start this business at any size. Generally, large-scale operation ensures more profitability. However, a mini dal mill also a financially feasible business.

Rajnigandha Farming

This flower is in great demand in the market because it is used in decoration work. Rajnigandha has been cultivated in many states of the country. If you have planted about 12 quintal Rajnigandha pen on 1 hectare of land, then you will earn a very good profit from it. It costs about 1 lakh rupees for its cultivation.

Cashew Processing Unit

Raw cashews are taken from the farmers and made edible by the processing machine. This is one of the most demanding small scale Agri-business. If you want to install a cashew processing machine, it will cost you up to 1 lakh rupees.

Ginger Garlic Paste Production Business

In most households, ginger garlic paste is used while cooking. This paste is very popular, so its business can offer you a lot of profit. It can be started at a cost of only 50 thousand rupees. Explain that in this business, a small machine is required for grinding. Its price starts from about 20 thousand rupees. This business will earn you very well.

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