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RKVY Scheme 2021-22 Provides Financial Assistance for Mushroom Cultivation Through Five Comprehensive Programs, Details inside

Are you interested in profitable mushroom production? Here is the complete information on the comprehensive program launched by the government to provide financial assistance.

Shivani Meena
Mushroom Cultivation
Mushroom Cultivation

The RKVY scheme was launched in 2007 as an umbrella scheme to ensure holistic agricultural development and allied sectors by allowing states to pick their own agricultural and allied sector development activities following their district/state agriculture plan. 

The RKVY project "Promotion of Mushroom Cultivation Units in Kerala" aims to encourage farmers, particularly women entrepreneurs, to start mushroom cultivation in 500 units across 14 districts of Kerala to complement their income and raise awareness about the high nutritional value of mushrooms. 

Financial assistance for the promotion of mushroom farming 

RKVY Scheme 2021-22 provides financial assistance with five programs given below:

Small scale Mushroom Production Unit 

Financial assistance for mushroom cultivation would be provided at 40% of the total cost of Rs. 28,125 per unit, with a limit of Rs. 11, 250 per unit, for the establishment of 80 to 100 beds per cycle with a yield of 400-500 kg per year. 

Hi-tech Milky Mushroom Production Units  

Financial assistance for Hi-Tech Milky Mushroom Production Units at 40% of the cost of 2.50 lakh per unit, restricted to Rs. 1.00 lakh per unit, for the establishment of 100 sqm with a capacity to hold 350-400 mushroom beds to generate 1400 – 2000 kg of mushrooms per year. 

KAU and other organizations will give training in hi-tech mushroom production to 70 recipients for Rs. 2000.00 per beneficiary. A total of Rs. 1.40 lakhs have been set aside for this purpose. 

Minimal Processing and Value Addition Units of Mushroom 

The Minimal Processing / Value Addition Units would be constructed with government aid at 40% of the total cost of Rs. 1.00 lakh per unit, with a maximum cost of Rs. 0.40 lakh per unit. 

Small Scale Mushroom Spawn Production Units 

Assistance for Mushroom Spawn Production Units would be granted at 40% of the entire cost of Rs. 5.00 lakh per unit, up to a maximum of Rs. 2.00 lakh per unit. 

With the support of KAU and other organizations, training in Small Scale Spawn Production would be delivered to the selected project beneficiaries at Rs. 2000.00 per beneficiary. A total of Rs. 1.40 lakhs have been set aside for this purpose. 

Vermi Compost Units for Compost Production 

Its goal is to create Vermicompost units out of wasted Mushroom Beds for soil enhancement and mulching. According to MIDH guidelines, the total cost of building 30'x8'x2.5' compost units is expected to be Rs. 1.00 lakh. Compost unit assistance of 50% of cost Rs. 0.50 lakh would be offered, based on size or a pro-rata basis. 

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