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The Vertical Tale: Kalera Builds First Mega Multilayered Vertical Farm in Singapore

The fundamental framework of the facility at the Changi Logistics Centre has now been completed by the vertical farming specialist based in the United States.

Shivani Meena
Kalera Vertical Farm
Kalera Vertical Farm

Kalera has completed the first phase of construction on its new completely automated, multi-layered vertical mega-farm in Singapore. According to Henner Schwarz, Kalera's chief commercial officer, the farm will allow crops to grow all year at any temperature, in a controlled environment that reduces infection risk and enhances flavor and texture appeal. 

Transforming the way with Fresh Leafy Greens 

"The new indoor farm will transform the way we consume locally grown and harvested greens in Singapore," said Schwarz. 

We will produce 500 tonnes of greens each year, which will be collected just before consumption, resulting in increased nutritional value, less food waste, and lower CO2 emissions. The first harvest is expected in the third quarter. 

According to Kerstin Köhler, Kalera's country manager, Singapore the farm would assist Singapore's effort to increase local fresh vegetable production. 

Vertical Farm to Provide Support to Food Security  

"The new farm will provide holistic support to Singapore's long-term food security plan, which took on increased relevance during the Covid-19 outbreak," stated Kerstin Köhler. "By transforming the way food is grown and eaten, our Singapore farm, in collaboration with our R&D center, will continue to drive the global urban farming revolution." 

This program is made possible by the Singapore Food Agency's 30x30 Express GRant, which encourages the local agri-industry to provide 30% of Singapore's nutritional requirements locally and sustainably by 2030. 

The grant will assist to increase local production of leafy green vegetables using Kalera's patented 'Dryponics' farming technology, which maintains the plants alive with roots intact and allows consumers to collect the plants shortly before eating for better-tasting greens. 

Automated advanced farming system 

"In our 50-foot-tall indoor farm, we employ a completely automated advanced farming system that covers the sowing to harvesting operation, has full temperature control, and allows compact, modular, and high-quality plant growth," Köhler stated. 

Eleven employees have been employed in the Singapore location, with more expected. Kalera is also expanding in the United States, with plans to build a farm in Denver in March 2022, as well as four additional farms in Seattle, Columbus, Ohio, Honolulu, and St. Paul, Minnesota. 

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