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What is Agri Clinic and Agribusiness Center Scheme and How You Can Get Benefit From it?

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

In this crisis period everyone is thinking about their future and how to establish sustainable sources of livelihood. Many schemes and programs are being run by the government to double the farmer's income by 2022. These days government is giving more emphasis to such programs and is promoting farming which will provide employment opportunities to the youth. In this series, the government has a scheme called Agri Clinic and Agribusiness Center (ACABC). 

Objective of the ACABC Scheme 

The main objective of this scheme is to promote the establishment of agricultural clinics and Agri Business Centers (ACABC) in the country. A plan has also been prepared by the government to promote agri business through which a person associated with farming or willing to join can take a loan of up to 20 lakh rupees. You can get this amount through Agri Clinic and Agri Business Center Scheme. The person joining this scheme is given 45 days training and if your plan is found eligible then NABARD i.e. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development will give you a loan. 

Eligibility for ACABC  

Eligibility: Unemployed agricultural graduates, agricultural diploma holders, higher secondary and biological science graduates with agriculture and postgraduate courses in agriculture. 

The age limit of the trainees has been kept from 18 to 60 years. 

Special Features 

  • It is a special initiative to promote entrepreneurship development in the field of agriculture.  

  • Training institutes have been established in all states to give 45 days residential training to students who are desirous of setting up agri clinics and agribusiness centers. 

  • The government has tied up with the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAG) Hyderabad, an organization of the Ministry of Agriculture. 

  • During 45 days of training the entrepreneurs are made aware of topics and procedures related to agricultural clinic and agribusiness. 

  • The information about project management, maintenance of accounts, market survey, personality development, computer internet etc. wll be given to the trainees. 

  • The trainees will also be sent to the tour of professional institutes of successful entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture. 

Apply online for ACABC Scheme 

  • Farmers can apply online at https://www.acabcmis.gov.in/Institute.aspx.  

  • The applicant can choose the center in which you want to take training as per your convenience.  

  • If the applicant is selected, he will be eligible for training and he can open his own agricultural clinic or agribusiness center by taking training from the institute. 


Documents which are needed are:- 

  • Aadhaar card number, email id, last educational qualification, bank account information and photo of applicant. 

Loans and Subsidies in this Scheme 

  • To set up agricultural clinics and agribusiness centers, the NABARD bank will provide a personal loan of Rs 20 lakh and a group loan of up to Rs 1 crore for training entrepreneurs.  

  • The entrepreneurs will also given 36 to 44 percent of the project cost on loan.  

  • On this loan, 36 percent subsidy will be given to general category entrepreneurs. 

  • 44 percent subsidy will be given to entrepreneurs belonging to scheduled castes, tribes and women. 

Toll free number of Agri Clinic or Agri Business Center scheme 

For more information farmers can call on the toll free number 1800-425-1556. 

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