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What New Advances Would Metaverse Bring In The World Of Agriculture?

In this article, learn about the different technological realities and how is it going to impact the agricultural world.

Kritika Madhukar
Indoor Farming
Indoor Farming

The whole around us is being reinvented, through a new, exciting and fascinating technology called Virtual Reality.  It is most commonly used in video gaming, it is an immersing technology that makes the user feels that he/she is in an alternative world of reality. 

What Is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality creates an artificial environment around you. It uses visual and auditory senses and blocks our sense of being connected to the outside world. Then it enables us to enter the virtual world, a computer-generated environment that our brain comprehends real. In order to enter this world of virtuality, you need to wear a special kind of headgear.

What is Augmented-reality (AR)?

Now, that the basics of VR are clear to you, let us discuss the other kind of reality that emerges from VR. Augmented reality not only creates an artificial environment but also allows individuals to communicate virtually.

The concept of Metaverse uses these technologies along with many others and the users can do much more than just interact. Let us take a look at Metaverse would impact the agriculture world.

Metaverse In The World Of Agriculture

Big firms and businesses have already started investing in this technology to ensure their share in the future.

The Ministry of agriculture in South Korea has well-established articles on the basis of a video game called Minecraft. The implementations of digital agriculture have already started over metaverse in the forms of clever farms and agriculture museums in the hopes of glamourizing it so that the millennial and Z generations would participate. 

A huge impact of Metaverse could be seen on indoor farming over the coming years and it is estimated to gain a value of 24.8 billion dollars by the year 2026. Many indoor farmers are investing in the latest technologies in order to practice sustainable and hassle-free agriculture.

The Metaverse can also play an important role in the expansion of the indoor farming sector through educating and helping people acquire skills related to it. The AR technologies would later help in tracking the biological and developmental data of plants.

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