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World’s Biggest Food Ration Subsidy Scheme Launched; How Central & State Government is Helping People Amid Covid-19?

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Credit: Government of India

After the announcement of a 21-day lockdown, due to the increased covid-19 cases, the government is taking all possible measures to provide sufficient food to its people. It is trying and has made it possible to supply all essential commodities even during this difficult time. In this regard, the Union cabinet declared a Food Security Scheme that will benefit around 80 crore Indians.

What is Food Security Scheme?

Under the world’s largest food ration security scheme, every person will get 7 kg ration per month for the next 3 months. It will include wheat at a cost of Rs 2 per kg, instead of Rs 27 per kg & rice at cost of Rs 3 per kg, rather than Rs 37 per kg. It was informed by Cabinet Minister Prakash Javadekar in a press conference.

What are the benefits of Food Security Scheme?

1. The Modi government’s approval to the world’s largest food ration security scheme surely has many benefits. The scheme will give 7 kg ration per month for the next three months to the beneficiaries.

2. Also, the people covered under the Public Distribution Scheme (PDS) will get wheat at Rs 2 per kg & rice at Rs 3 per kg, while earlier it was Rs 27 & Rs 37 per kg.

3. The food ration security scheme will give ration to beneficiary.

4. It will also benefit the ones who depend on daily wages for survival.

5. State governments are asked to collect food grains in advance from the Centre. So as to gear up the distribution through the PDS system & FCI network.

6. Food ration security scheme will clear the stocks of food grains with FCI before the monsoon sets.

What are State Government efforts amid Covid-19?

It will not be wrong to say that, the state governments are doing their part too in tackling the coronavirus spread. The Delhi government has increased the allocation of food grain through PDS from 5 kg to 7 kg per month. The UP government is giving a free one-month ration for almost 16.5 million poor. Karnataka government will give two months’ quota of 10 kg rice & 2 kg wheat for each BPL family, free of cost. Punjab government declared Rs 3000 monthly benefit to the poor people in the state.

Thus, the government is taking all necessary measures to control the spread of the coronavirus & ensure effective food grain supply to the poor during the lockdown. People must not panic and hoard essential commodities as there is enough supply. They must not rush and stay calm at this time. Social distancing must be practised as much as possible otherwise all efforts would go in vain.

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