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Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana: Get Quality Seeds at Low Cost, Phone Number and Important Links Here

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

Good quality seed is important for good crop yield. Some farmers afford to buy good quality seeds but there are many others who cannot buy it due to financial issues. Hence, to help these farmers, the Bihar government has launched a special scheme known as Bihar Beej Anudan yojana. 

It is important to mention that Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana is being run by Bihar Government and Bihar Seed Corporation Limited (BRBN). Under this scheme quality seeds are provided at low cost.  

If you also want to buy the seeds at half of the price, then go soon to the website of DBT Agriculture Bihar & apply online.  

What is Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana? 

Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana is one of the valuable schemes of Bihar Government. Under this scheme, farmers can apply online and purchase seeds at 50 percent discounted price. Important thing to mention is that seed is the important part of production for farmers, as the whole farming and production of crop depends on the quality of seed. If seeds will be of good quality, crop production can increase by 20-25 percent.  

Further, moving towards the online application process of this scheme.  

Conditions of Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana 

  • Seeds must be used for farming purpose only.

  • Do not burn the residue after harvesting.

  • Seeds must be taken after the application, otherwise you will be deprived of agriculture department’s plans for the next three years.

  • A farmer can purchase the seeds for maximum 5 acre of land under this scheme.

  • Farmer has to give Rs. 2/kg for home delivery of wheat seeds.

  • For the home delivery of pulses/oioseeds, the fee is Rs. 5/kg.

Documents required for Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana 

  • Farmer Registration number.

  • Aadhar card

  • Bank passbook

Don’t forget, when you will go to collect the seeds, you will be asked for Aadhar card and Bank passbook. 

Application Process for Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana 

  • First step to go to the website of DBT Agriculture Bihar http://brbn.bihar.gov.in/ .

  • After then, click on seed grant application.

  • Then read and tick on terms and conditions to apply for the seed and click on the accept button. 

  • Then enter your farmer registration number and search.

  • After that, fill the seeds you want to purchase and the required quantity.

  • Demand Slip will be generated, take two prints of it, one you need to submit to your farmer advisor and carry one with you only.

  • At the time of sowing, when seeds will be distributed in your block, you can collect seeds by showing the slip.

For more details call at - 0612-2547066 

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