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Black Wheat Farming: Incredible Benefits of This New Wheat Which Prevents Cancer and Diabetes

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
black wheat

A few years back, a post went viral over social media platforms saying that a new type of wheat has been produced after seven years of research and it has the capacity to cure health issues like cancer and diabetes. As per reports, some farmers of the Neemuch region, Malwa and Indore district had sown this new type of wheat in the Rabi season last year. While the farmers were curious about the production of black wheat, but the final result showed that it is being produced like any normal wheat.

Moreover, this new type of wheat comes with so many health benefits and even has the capacity to prevent some major diseases like Diabetes and Cancer which in reality is very difficult to cure through medical science.

According to Mr. Govind Nagda, a progressive farmer of Kanakheri village that comes under the Neemuch district, he had obtained 40 kg of black wheat seed with the help of a friend from Nabi Research Center in Mohali, which was sown in three bighas of land. When this wheat was weighed after harvesting and cleaning, its weight came out to be 36 quintals. However, production remained just like normal wheat. Normal wheat also produces 10-12 quintals on an average bigha. 

black wheat

Moreover, black wheat has been patented after 7 years of research by the National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) Mohali. This wheat is named 'Nabi MG' and is available in black, blue and purple color and much more nutritious than common wheat. Moreover, black wheat is helpful in the prevention of stress, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart-related diseases.  

While anthocyanin is available 5 to 15 passes per million in common wheat, 40 to 140 passes per million found in black wheat. Anthocyanin provides health benefits like fruits like blueberry. It removes free radicals from the body and prevents heart, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. The amount of zinc is also high in this new type of wheat.

Benefits of Black Wheat: 

This wheat is much more nutritious than ordinary wheat and in terms of quality, it is kept equal to the fruit called Blueberries. Let’s know about the benefits of consuming it-


In today's time, almost every person is more or less suffering from stress. While medications left severe side effects in the body, black wheat has brought a ray of hope to end this terrible disease.


Research has found very encouraging results of black wheat in controlling obesity.


Cancer is a disease for which no permanent treatment has been available yet. At this time black wheat has emerged as a better option in the form of food supplements for all those people when no medicines are available to control this disease.

Diabetes or Diabetes:

The most spreading disease in India as well as across the globe, while the irony is that in spite of many expensive medicines, it’s not curable. But, research has shown positive results on diabetes patients. 

Moreover, if you are interested to buy black wheat seed, you can contact at the following address-

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