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Bottle Gourd Cultivation: How to Get Higher Productivity by Using 3G Technology?

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Bottle Gourd or most popularly known as ‘Lauki’ is one of the most important vegetables which is grown in almost every state across India.  Moreover, it’s one of the most profitable and demanding vegetables in Indian markets. Many farmers failed to get good yield and profit from bottle gourd cultivation due to traditional techniques. Smart farming is the key to get a higher yield from bottle gourd cultivation. Hence, today we will show you the 3G techniques and some easy simple techniques to grow this vegetable to earn more profit from a single gourd plant.

Generally, 50 to 150 gourds are produced from one vine of gourd, but one vine can produce up to 800 gourds by using this 3G technology. Hence, this technique is considered as 3G techniques for Bottle Gourd cultivation where you need to follow just a few simple steps.

Why Female Gourd flower is Important?

Nature has divided every living being on the earth into male and female. Even fruits and vegetables are exceptional from this law of nature. Fruits and vegetables can also be divided into male and female. Keep in mind that the flowers that are in the gourd vine are male, so all you have to do is to start getting female flowers in the gourd.

What’s the New 3G technology?

You can grow female flowers using this 3G technology. This technique can boost more production from vine. All you have to do is break all the flowers except for one flower. In the same way, all the flowers, except one flower, break in the vine coming from that side. It is more appropriate to tie the branch to any wood. You need to keep in mind that all the flowers that emerge from the third vine will be female. However, if you want to identify female flowers, then you can adopt a special method.

The Size of the flower Decides Male or Female

The sex of the flower can be identified by its shape. Keep in mind that the third branch that grows in that vine, every flower in it will be female. But still, if you want to identify the female flower, and then pay attention to its size. Female flowers are in the length of a capsule which is different from male flowers.

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