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EUROPE’s favorite 5 Early Variety of PEAS

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Peas have found their mention in the history of the civilization, stretching its period of cultivation as back as to the Harappan civilization. Though those peas were different in respect to their size and taste. The today’s sweet and green colored small sized pea has its origin traced back to European continent. In this article we discuss the early variety of peas sourced from AGROPEDIA, IITK , varieties that have gathered enough credit and appreciation from the scientists and farmers from all over the world.

Even after their lower yield, the early varieties are popular because of better economic return. They are not high yielders but give high initial remuneration to the growers. Two pickings of green pods are generally done in these varieties, the first being after 60 days of sowing and second after 15-20 days of first picking. The maturity period is 60-80 days.

The five Europen early variety of peas are as follows :

1) Early Superb

An introduced and dwarf variety from England with yellowish green foliage. It flowers in about 45 days and first blossom appears at 8-10th node. Pods are borne singly; these are dark green, curved with 6-7 smooth seeds. It gives high shelling percentage (40%).

2) Meteor

An introduced variety from England. Plants are 35-40 cm tall, dark green, pods are produce singly, dark green, 8.7 cm long with seven smooth seeds. It gives high shelling percentage (45%).

3) Arkel

This widely grown variety is, an exotic variety from France. The plant is dwarf but the growth is vigorous and may grow upto 45 cm. Flowers are white and are borne in double on few lower nodes and single afterwards. It flowers in 35-40 days from the sixth node onwards. Pods are dark green, 8.5 cm long, incurved towards the sutures and pointed distal end with 8-10 well filled, wrinkled seeds. It gives high shelling percentage (40%). It is suitable for both fresh market and dehydration. It takes 50-55 days for first picking. Green pod yield 4-5 t/ha. This variety is highly susceptible to powdery mildew.

4) Little Marvel

A dwarf, wrinkled seeded variety introduced from England. It is bred in England from the cross Chelsea Gem x Suttons Alaska. Foliage dark green; first blossom appears at 9-10th node in 40 days after sowing. Pods are 8 cm long, borne singly, thick, shinny, dark green, straight and broad containing 5-6 very sweet seeds.

5) Alaska. 

An introduced variety from England. Pods are light green and appears singly with 5-6 small, bluish-green seeds.


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