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How to Do Rooftop gardening? A Short Guide

Tips to do rooftop gardening at no cost and its benefits.

Swati Sharma
Roof Top Gardening
Roof Top Gardening

Rooftop gardening is in trend nowadays, and many people are doing the same rigorously. During covid situations, people became more aware of their health and fitness and started rooftop gardening or gardening to keep themselves fit and happy. Many consultants and agencies are helping in rooftop gardening but charging quite a high amount for it.

If you are also thinking of doing the same but sit back because you do not want to pay such a high amount for gardening, here is some good news. There is no need to pay. We will tell you some tips so that you can transform your roof into a beautiful garden with waste items, or you can say with meager investment.

It will give you fresh oxygen, organic vegetables, and much happiness for sure with beauty and a healthy environment. We guarantee that many people will be inspired by your gardening art and try the same on their roof.

Materials required

Before taking action, let’s list down the material first that are required in roof top gardening:

  • Container: you can use plastic bottles, an old vessel, or a bucket that is of no use any longer. It can be any shape and size.

  • Soil: if you have fertile soil at home, it's great; otherwise, you can buy the same from the Market.

  • Water: please arrange a water source on the roof so that you can easily put the water in your plants.

  • Green manure/ compostEither you can buy it from the market or you can make it at home easily from your waste fruits and vegetable peels.

  • Seeds: you can use the seeds from vegetables that you buy for cooking or buy the plants from outside. We suggest using the seeds from vegetables.

  • Sunlight: Almost all vegetable plants require sunlight, so ensure that your rooftop has a good sunlight source.

How to arrange the plants

  • Decide what plants you want to grow- Bottle gourd, Ridged gourd, lady finger, tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, peas, etc.

  • Put the seeds in a jar of water for a few days, churning them in the water daily. After a few days, the seeds will be free from the pulp. You can rinse the seeds, and leave them on paper to dry. Once it becomes scorched, you can put the same in the pot.

  • Make sure that the containers have proper drainage.

  • Plant seeds at a proper depth.

  • After sowing, put the container at a warm location.

  • Keep the soil moist; it should neither be watery nor dry.

  • Once the seedling emerges, place the pot at a sunny location.

  • Start fertilizing weekly.

  • Make sure to have proper spacing to grow the plants.

  • You can use any sloppy wall for creepers where the creeper will take less space and grow faster.

  • We suggest you plant flowers as well to enhance the beauty of your roof garden.

Benefits of Rooftop gardening

  • Time to pay back to the environment

When you grow plants for your benefit in your garden, make sure that they should positively impact the environment. In urban areas, the sun heats the top because of less greenery and a concrete roof; these plants help cool down the area.

Impressive, these gardens help in reducing noise as well. The combination of plants and soil absorbs, reflects, and deflects the sound waves and, thus, provides the building with noise reduction. Many waste materials may be used at the top for gardening purposes.

Roof Top Gardening
Roof Top Gardening

Have fruits and vegetables from your garden

It gives a proud feeling when you inform others that this vegetable is from your home garden; it gives you immense satisfaction and saves money as well that you spend on vegetable shopping. The best part is that you know that your vegetables have grown organically, which means no germs and pesticides. Homegrown veggies, indeed, have more nutrients as compared to market-grown ones.

Boon for health

Apart from good taste and a complete nutrient diet, gardening is also a friendly way to consume bright sunshine and fresh air and keep you engaged in physical activity. Nurturing plants is a great way to exercise and relax. Gardening helps in de-stress. This is proven clinically. These gardens take carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen for you to consume.

You can plan a small gathering at the top

When you plan your rooftop gardening consciously, it gives you some space to plan a small gathering with friends and family. You can indeed plan a romantic evening with your partner. The persons who love nature and peace, these gardens are heaven for them. Just imagine you are sitting between nature with a coffee and a favorite novel.

Enhance the beauty

The rooftop garden offers a commendable view not only to the person who owns it but also to please the eyes of the neighborhood. The positivity and an elegant value increase the building and the person as he/she puts the effort to make that place livelier.

If we have space either at the bottom or at the top, we must do gardening. With one or two gardens, the environment index or air quality will not change. When each and every one put some effort, then significant positive change will come.

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