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Medicinal Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden

Hitul Awasthi
Hitul Awasthi

A Kitchen garden is a place where herbs, vegetables and fruits are grown around households by using the kitchen waste, for self-use. Benefits of Kitchen gardening: 

Improve your health

Save money on groceries

Improves your physical activity

A natural stress reliever

Supplies fresh and toxic free agricultural commodities

Effective utilization of kitchen wastewater and other waste materials                                   

Kitchen garden herbs  

1. Menthe spicata(Mint) 

Used against stomach disorder, calming stress and anxiety. 

2.Foeniculumvulgare (Fennel) 

Helps to suppress appetite, reduce blood pressure and heart diseases. 

3.Ocimumspecies (Basil) 

Used against common cold, fever, cough. 

4. Coriandrum sativum (Coriander)

Improves digestion power, lowers bad cholesterol, reduce diabetes. 

5.Aloe vera

Reduce blood sugar level, helps in skincare, and used in many cosmetics. 

6.Thymus vulgaris(Thyme) 

Used against stomach ache, diarrhoea and arthritis. 

7.Salvia officinalis(Sage) 

Helps reduce blood sugar level, enhance memory and brain health. 

8.Lavandula spica(Lavender) 

Reduce blood pressure, migraine pain and menstrual pain. 

9.Matricarichamomilla (chamomile) 

Reduce blood sugar level, menstrual pain, inflammation. 

10.Salvia rosmarinus(Rosemary) 

Helps to improve memory power and eyes health. 

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