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Top Companies Providing Vermicompost and Vermibeds

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

With the increasing population in the world, crop productivity has become a major need. But, majority of agricultural practices are damaging environment adversely. Such undesired effects can be reduced.


Researchers are searching of a technology that should be cost effective, ecological sustainable with no adverse effects on environment and also beneficial to the society.

These undesired outcomes due to practices of increasing crop productivity can be reduced by the technology called Vermiculture Technology. “Vermi” means Worms or Earthworms and, “Culture” means Farming. Thus, vermiculture is farming with earthworms.

How Vermicomposting is done?

Vermicompost preparation involves collection of crop residues, agri-wastes, cow dung, vegetable wastes and some other animal wastes. Pits are kept shallow so that, there is less heat build-up and earthworms won’t get any harm. Near to 30-degree temperature is maintained, so that earthworms transfer material faster. 

And for all these processes, we need to create a bed, in a shed open from all sides. Then, cow-dung farm waste is placed in layers, and earthworms are introduced in between the layers at the rate of 350 worms (near to 1 kg) per cubic meter of bed volume. Temperature of 20-30-degree Celsius is maintained in the beds with 40-50% moisture content by sprinkling water over the beds.

Vermicompost Manufacturers

Apart from preparing vermicompost, you can also purchase vermicompost directly from the store or through online sites for your farm or home gardens-

1. Trustbasket organic vermicompost-Product enriches soil with micro-organisms, and attracts deep- burrowing earth worms already present in the soil.

2. Booster Organic Vermicompost-Black in colour, and rich in natural NPK. Can be used for kitchen gardens, terrace gardens, lawns, agriculture purpose.

3. Ugaao Vermicompost-They provide nutrient rich organic supplement used in home gardening for healthy and fast growth of plants. This is formulated to loosen heavy soils and enhance water retention. And is fine textured, contains beneficial soil organisms for soil enrichment.

4. Cocogarden Enriched vermicompost-Provide balanced plant nutrient, which gives excellent effect in overall plant growth, shoot and root development. Rich in all kinds of beneficial micro-organism, increase soil fertility.

5. Vedhahi Vermicompost- Provides high grade fine quality vermicompost, contains high percentage of both macro and micro nutrients than the garden compost. Vermicompost increases blooming of flowering and fruit plants; improves fertility and moisture in soil.

6. IFFCO Urban gardens vermicompost-Provides nutrient rich gardening supplement, enriches soil with beneficial microorganisms, and coated with Neem and treated with bio-pesticides.

7. Shehri Kisan Vermicompost- They provide organic fertilizer and manure, which can be mixed with garden soil, and acts as a plant feed and provides complete plant food.

8. JAV Jaipur Agrigold Organic Vermicompost-Jaipur Agrigold vermicompost goes a long way in retaining the water capacity of the soil, and strengthen the growth of plant by suppressing the diseases.

9. VEEEN VGSAL Vermicompost-This product is made using cow dung manure, using red wigglers earth worms, which are considered best in vermicomposting process.

10. Swadeshi Blessings Vermicompost- Presence of neem extracts in this vermicompost provides enhanced immunity against plant stress and diseases. Since, it is natural and organic, so gets easily absorbed by plant roots.

Vermibed Manufacturers

VermiBeds can be purchased and used directly. Here is the list of Vermibed manufacturers and suppliers in India-

1. K. Vermibeds

2. Divyam Vermibeds

3. GCIL Vermibeds

4. National Vermibeds

5. Pooja Horti and Herbal farms Vermibeds

6. Nihal Industries Vermibeds

Solid Waste Management through Vermicomposting

Solid waste management is of major concern now-a-days, Organic solid waste is processed through bio-dung composting and then loaded into the vermicomposting units in a cyclic manner. The natural bioreactors play an important role in the breakdown of organic matter and maintaining soil fertility. Worms involved in recycling of organic waste and also enhances plant growth.

There are many projects run by different organizations on Vermicomposting with positive outcomes-

1. Khadi & Village Industries Commission Project for Gramodyog Rozgar Yojna, Production of Vermicompost

2. Case study of Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, the vermicomposting in urban areas and municipalities plays an important role. In the villages, farmers are maintaining vermi-composting beds, out of these only 60% of the beds are maintained well are producing good results. The remaining 40% are just for record purpose only.

Vermicomposting is one of the eco-friendly processes, and many organizations are showing interest towards vermiculture technology, and overall it can benefit country in a long run.

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